Bloggers Descend on Bowery for Whole Foods Opening

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Finally! Whole Foods Bowery opened at 7:59 a.m. this morning, says the new shopblog Racked. The opening “didn’t bring Trader Joe’s-esque lines” they say.

Gawker is live blogging the opening with snarky glee and holding out for a “foodie riot.” So far, they’ve discovered — 8:33 a.m.: Man eating tofu drops a cube.

Many fellow bloggers and some NYC Kitchen readers were there with us for the Riverkeeper preview benefit on Wednesday. We just want to know: Why must new grocery stores name their aisles after streets in the area?

Blake from Things that I’ve Learned says it best, “We live in a weird time that people are celebrating the opening of a grocery store that already has several locations in the city, but ooh– Jacques Torres chocolates and a Belgian fry bar!”


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