The 2 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Blender

published Jun 11, 2018
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In the grand scheme of kitchen tools, your blender doesn’t need a whole lot of TLC. I’d say it falls somewhere between a cast iron skillet and an ice cube tray on the scale of neediness. That’s not to say it doesn’t need any special attention, because it does. In fact, there are two mistakes you might be making that will keep it from working smoothly (excuse the pun).

Here are the two worst things you can do to your blender.

1. Layering your ingredients incorrectly.

Yes, the stuff is all going to get mixed up, but it really does matter what order you add your ingredients. Put your liquids in first and, when you start the blender, it will create a whirlpool effect that sucks the other ingredients in and gets them whirring.

Throw things in all willy-nilly and your blender could struggle to get pieces of mango and peaches moving. And that puts stress on the motor. As a result, your blender can stall or, even worse, punk out on you. By placing things in the correct order, you’re reducing the chance you’ll wind up with a broken blender.

2. Not cleaning it well enough.

It’s okay to simply rinse the blender jar before running out the door (and no judgement if you don’t even do that) but be sure to take it apart and wash everything when you get home at night. According to NSF International, the public health and safety organization, the gunkiest thing in your kitchen is your blender gasket. Ecks!

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