These Blackberry Mint Juleps Belong at Your Memorial Day Party

(Image credit: Jelly Toast)

Happy Memorial Day! If you still need a crowd-pleasing cocktail for your backyard barbecue, it just so happens that today is also National Mint Julep Day. Pretty serendipitous, right? These blackberry mint juleps will fit in just fine at your party later today.

To start, you’ll need to make the blackberry purée by simply blending blackberries and water and then straining out the seeds and pulp. Once you’ve got your blackberry purée, you can assemble the cocktail, with simple syrup, fresh mint leaves, and bourbon.

Serve the juleps over crushed ice and garnish with mint and a few blackberries. This twist on a classic cocktail is just what you need to give a little festive flair to your holiday gathering.

Get the Recipe: Blackberry Mint Julep from Jelly Toast