Black Widow Spider Found in a Bag of Costco Grapes in Canada

(Image credit: LidiaLydia)shutterstock

On September 3 Susan Bellhouse and her daughter, Rosanie Duldulao, bought groceries from Costco in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Little did they know that an unwanted house guest — a black widow spider — had tagged along in a bag full of grapes. Known as the quiet killer, the black widow spider’s bite can be fatal.

Days later, when Bellhouse was soaking the grapes before she planned on eating them, the spider emerged. “When I saw the legs, they were really long, and I knew this was not a regular spider. Normally I’m not afraid of spiders, but that one, I was screaming. For a few hours, I didn’t feel right. I was so scared.” says Bellhouse of the incident.

Bellhouse was able to stay relatively calm through the incident, however. She grabbed the spider by the legs with a pair of kitchen tongs and put it in a plastic bag. She took a quick photo and video of the spider as evidence. Later that day the family killed the spider with a heavy dose of bug spray.

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