Black Kitchens Are Not Spooky. Here Are 5 That Prove It.

(Image credit: Roma Samuel for Green Magazine)

Whoever decided that Halloween got dibs on the color black? I always feel for black this time of year. It’s expected to go all Dark Lord on us in a long tattered cloak, but I imagine it’d rather be wearing cigarette pants and a leather jacket, which is way more stylish.

So, spooky kitchens? I think not. If black wants to show its class, it will find a welcome home here. Just check out these five examples.

  1. Apartment Therapy: If there’s anything scary about this kitchen, it’s how scary awesome it is.
  2. The Kitchn: Floor to ceiling black tile? That’s dramatic, not traumatic.
  3. Blair Harris Interior Design: Black cabinets with chrome handles set against white subway tile. I’m thinking chic, not bleak. (How many more of these quips do I have? Almost done.)
  4. Apartment Therapy: A statement-making black wall is just what the Dark Lord ordered.
  5. The Kitchn: More black cabinets, this time in a cavernous space with industrial lighting. Spooky? More like spectacular. (Okay done.)

What do you think? Are you a fan of black kitchen detailing, or is it too much Halloween for your year-round taste?