Black Gold: Film on the Fair Trade Movement

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want to see an inspiring film about the Fair Trade movement? Do you even know what Fair Trade means? If you pick up your daily latte, you should. What’s happened to coffee farmers as a result of the big multi-national coffee companies is staggering. Black Gold, a documentary about the struggle of coffee growers in Ethiopia, opens today in select cities.

Studart Klawans, in his review in The Nation (June 1, 2006), said “…for a deep, wide-ranging account of today’s global relationships–from the misery within enclaves of production to the slightly smoggy good times in the lands of consumption–you will need to watch Marc and Nick Francis’s remarkable Black Gold, one of the strongest documentaries I’ve seen in the Human Rights Watch Festival, or for that matter outside it.”

In NYC, it’s now playing at Cinema Village
In Seattle, it’s playing at Landmark’s Metro Cinemas
In Chicago, it’s playing at Gene Siskel Film Center (starts October 13th)

For other cities and the most up-to-date screening info see the film’s screenings page.