We See Your Giant Costco Cheesecake, and Raise You This Massive One from BJ’s (with 14 Flavors!)

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Credit: BJ's: Shutterstock; Cheesecake: Photo Courtesy of BJ's Wholesale

We’ve often marveled at Costco’s three-pound cheesecake offerings, like the heart-shaped chocolate one for Valentine’s Day, and the cookie butter-flavored one. Costco also regularly stuns us with holiday options like a five-pound pumpkin cheesecake. But now BJ’s Wholesale Club has come up with their own oversize dairy dessert delight and they are not messing around: not only is it a full three and a half pounds of cake, but it’s made up of 14 different flavors.

The giant size suddenly seems to be less intimidating when it’s not a blank sea of orange pumpkin, but a patterned delight of blueberry swirl, turtle, caramel apple, chocolate cherry, and 10 (!!) more flavors. Given that nobody’s having big parties right now (or they shouldn’t be anyway), this makes a ton of sense: you could buy the whole thing and eat a different flavor slice each night. If you do that, you may want to store some of the slices in the freezer as you make your way through, though, as it will only last about seven days in the fridge. Or if you’re feeling generous, you could hand a few slices of chocolate marble or peach swirl over the fence to a neighbor for a socially distanced gesture of friendship.

The cake, which is a standard New York-style cheesecake made by BJ’s house brand Wellsley Farms, is about 10 inches in diameter, almost three inches high, and runs about $16, which is just barely over a dollar for each slice of strawberry swirl, brownie, or raspberry white chocolate. 

Of course, since it’s summer, if you get sick of eating the cheesecake by the slice (if that’s possible) you could also churn up a slice into a little vanilla ice cream and scoop it into a cone for a little afternoon treat.