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BJ & Megan’s Happy Homestead

This farmhouse kitchen currently resides about 30 miles away from where it started. Yes, that’s right! To save it from demolition, the owner of the 1917 farmhouse had it relocated 30 miles away from its original site. It wasn’t the smoothest transition, as cracking plaster walls and out-of-commission fireplaces can attest, but that didn’t stop BJ and Megan from renting the place!

The couple’s traditional farmhouse cottage style is a perfect match to the old home they live in. They like to think of the place as their “mini homestead,” as they told Apartment Therapy last year:

We aim to live as self-sufficiently from our land as we can. We raise chickens for eggs (and maybe one day meat!), tend to organic garden beds with heirloom vegetables, we compost, use cloth napkins and a drying rack when we can. Our chickens help to naturally fertilize our lawn, keep the bug population down, and their pen is surrounded by a portable electric fence that is solar powered. We also engage in other homesteading activities like canning and preserving our produce to eat over the winter, drying herbs, and making some of our own natural cleaning products. Next year we plant to raise turkeys in addition to our chickens and maybe get into beekeeping to help pollinate our plants.

Since the home is a rental, there are a few things the couple isn’t fond of (the mismatched kitchen appliances, for one!), but they’ve managed to make it a beautiful place to cook and entertain anyway!

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(Images: Katie Gard/Apartment Therapy)

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