This Game-Changing Spray Mop Makes Cleaning Floors Effortless — And It Has Nearly 1,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

published Sep 25, 2020
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Credit: Bissell

Every once in awhile, we come across a product with Amazon reviews that read more like love letters to a teenage crush than someone’s opinions of an inanimate object. The Bissell Spinwave Plus is one of those products. It has nearly 1,000 five-star reviews and, let me tell you, they are glowing. After reading the reviews and hearing about Commerce Editor Nicole Lund’s own experience using the Bissell Spinwave Plus, I’m convinced it’s not a regular mop, it’s a cool mop.

The main thing people love about it is its dual spinning cleaning heads, which take out all the swishing and swashing a regular mop requires. Nicole’s mom and grandma are two of the Spinwave’s many fans, so she got to take it for a spin while she was at home during quarantine. “I never thought much about mops, but the Spinwave is a game-changer,” she says. “It’s actually kind of soothing to use, requiring much less work on your part than a typical mop does. And the results are visible right on the pads, which is totally satisfying.”

Among the many virtues of the Spinwave is its super light weight, which makes it seriously easy to use. “It just glides across the floor,” says one happy reviewer. “You can nearly use one finger to hold it up. It reminds me of the hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future 2’, it’s that smooth.”

“This floor cleaner has gotten us out of so many ‘sticky’ situations,” says another. “After a messy dinner, all you have to do is fill it with hot water and your choice of cleaning solution, turn it on, and the mess has been cleaned up with no trace in a few minutes. It cleans and buffs efficiently, it is super easy to use and maintain, the cord is long for better access to different areas, it works upside-down (for bizarre messes), works sideways, and can be used on any hard surface (concrete, tile, wood, bamboo – you name it!!).”

While the Spinwave can be used with any floor cleaner of your choice, Bissell sells a Multi-Surface cleaning formula made specifically for the Spinwave. A 32-oz. bottle costs under $10, so it’s an easy add-on to your purchase. The best part, though, is that you no longer have to deal with a dirty mop, or mop bucket. The Spinwave comes with two cleaning pads that can be thrown in the washing machine after use, saving a surprising amount of time and energy.

According to another reviewer: “I hate mopping. I hate the mop bucket of dirty water. I just bought this and I love it. No more mop buckets!” Amen.

“I’ve always dreaded mopping because I can’t do it all in one day, it’s too hard on my back,” says another. “Well today at nine months pregnant I cleaned my whole house effortlessly and efficiently! My floors literally squeak as I walk! Mopping with this is just amazing and enjoyable!!!” How’s that for a 5-star review?

This model is corded, but if you want even more efficiency there’s also a newer, cordless model that recently launched. It costs a bit more ($149.99), but is definitely worth it if you want total ease of movement.

Buy: Bissell Spinwave Plus, $115.58 from Amazon