This Allergen-Trapping Vacuum from One of Our Favorite Brands Is on Sale — Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

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Small round wood table with orange chair and shag rug underneath. Someone vacuuming
Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Anna Surbatovich

The effects of a thorough vacuuming are subtle but noticeable. The room may not look or smell significantly cleaner, but it certainly feels cleaner, and that makes all the difference. And as much as your vacuum cleaner‘s contributions to your floors aren’t always obvious, the benefits it brings to the air inside your home are even more elusive. After all, you may only realize how much dirt and dust your rugs, carpets, and furniture are shedding when you haven’t vacuumed in a long while.

With the right vacuum, though, you can easily keep both your walking and breathing spaces clean. One of our favorite tools for that job is the MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off from BISSELL. It has a well-built filter that traps microscopic particles and a cleverly designed head that picks up both human and pet hair without getting tangled. It’s your best friend during allergy season — which, for some of us, is already here — and now you can get it at 25 percent off.

The MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off is a fantastic all-purpose vacuum cleaner. It works on carpeted and hard floors, has a spinning brush head that removes hair from soft surfaces, and comes with accessories for easily cleaning stairs, furniture, and hard-to-reach places. When you detach the motorized component from the floor head, you can swap in either a handheld brush (to tackle spot cleaning) or an extension wand (to clean high up on curtains or low down beneath sofas). Its power cord is 30 feet long, so you can maneuver quite a distance while staying plugged into one outlet, and when you’re done, the catch tray empties at the push of a button.

While all of those features are great, this vacuum gets its name from the hero inside: a HEPA filter. HEPA, which stands for high efficiency particulate air, is a label given to filters that trap 99.97% of dust and allergens. These are some of the hardest-working filters you can get for your home. So if you live with pets or have either dust-mite or seasonal allergies, this device will remove those irritating particles from your airspace — and it conveniently does it as you vacuum.

Credit: Amazon

More than 4,300 people gave this a five-star rating on Amazon, and they had plenty of positive experiences to share. Some appreciated the headlights that illuminate the area directly in front of the vacuum so you can see if you missed any hair or dirt. Others like that the vacuum has a switch to turn the rotating brush roll on or off so you can more effectively suck up debris from hardwood floors. And one shopper complimented the device for transitioning so smoothly between surfaces and cleaning tasks. “What I really like about this BISSELL is the intelligent design,” they wrote. “Everything seems well thought out for efficiency and ease of use.”

If you’re ready to upgrade to a better vacuum (and could use help removing allergens from your home), this model from BISSELL is a smart choice. And what’s even smarter? It’s 25 percent off!