News: Bird Flu in Europe – How Alarmed Should We Be?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This morning over our oatmeal, the headline Europe Takes Action as Bird Flu Spreads caught our eye and stole our appetites.

As reported in the NY Times, there is some disturbing evidence that the bird flu virus is migrating north into Europe from Africa months ahead of when experts speculated. Although 91 people have already died from the bird flu, ” the most immediate threat for Europe is an uncontrolled outbreak of the virus among domesticated fowl, which can rapidly decimate a national poultry industry.”

Although the photo of officials in sealed suits and the talk of quarantining areas where birds have been found makes it seem as though Europe has really got a handle on the situation, one is left wondering, what steps are being taken in Africa to protect the people who live there, and the food they eat?

And as our own country dukes it out over who knew what and when about Cheney shooting his hunting pal, one could also wonder, what are we doing to product our food supply?