Big Inspiration from Jill Santopietro’s Tiny Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

New York Times food tester, blogger and weblogger Jill Santopietro is our tiny kitchen hero. She’s a funny, creative and engaging cook. But even better, she really knows what she is doing and she does it in a kitchen that’s not much larger than most people’s closets.

Kitchen Cure participants! Read on for seven inspiring tips on making the most of a (teeny) tiny kitchen.

The Tiny Kitchen is a series of videos put out by the New York Times featuring their food tester and blogger Jill Santopietro. Here’s some wisdom we’ve gleaned from watching the series:

She doesn’t have a juicer…because tongs will work just as well. In a small kitchen, multi-tasking tools are a requirement. Which leads us to…

Know which appliances you need and which you can do without…because there won’t be room for everything. Some people may consider Jill’s ice cream maker superfluous, but some of us know better.

Always clean up as you go…because otherwise you’ll end up with nowhere to cook. This is a great habit to get into no matter what size your kitchen.

Have the tools you need handy…because being able to stand in place and just reach for everything is one of the hidden perks of a tiny kitchen. We’ve written about this here and here, but it bears repeating: keep the things you use everyday out and readily available.

Use vertical space…because you have to. Put the items you use less frequently up high and keep the daily item close at hand.

Don’t keep all the kitchen stuff in the kitchen…because you can’t. In this photo, you can see that Jill has stored her dishes and some small appliances just outside her kitchen. See also Eric Gower’s Kitchen with Annex.

Mise en place, mise en place, mise en place…because you have to be super organized in a small space. Having everything prepped and waiting in little bowls before you start cooking is essential. Mise en place.

Visit Jill Santopietro’s website, which has all her videos listed here.

(Images: New York Times)