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I Spotted My Favorite Crunchy Snack at T.J. Maxx — And It’s Half the Price

published May 23, 2023
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TJ Maxx storefront
Credit: Shutterstock/Helen89

I’m a bargain shopper through-and-through. I shop for BOGOs at Publix, buy in bulk from Costco, and stock up on affordable staples from Aldi to stay within my grocery budget. One store I make sure to visit whenever I pass by isn’t the first place you might think of for groceries, but it’s a great spot to find some pantry gems: T.J. Maxx

The discount department store is a goldmine for deals on kitchen equipment and gourmet groceries. It’s where I pick up festive sprinkles for every holiday, fancy jams for gifting, and name-brand extracts for a fraction of the retail price. Lately, I’ve had the most fun in the gourmet snacks section. Among the wall of chips, puffs, and crackers, I spotted one of my favorite crunchy snacks of all time: Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks. The best part is that the bag was priced at just $3 — that’s less than half of what they cost ($6.63) at my nearby grocery store.

Credit: Patty Catalano

What’s So Great About Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks?

When I want to nibble on something crunchy, salty, and savory, there’s nothing better than a handful of crispy chickpeas. Their crunch is more satisfying than chips, without being too hard on my teeth. (I’m looking at you, corn nuts.) Plus, they provide 9% of the daily value protein and 23% of fiber, which means they keep me fuller for longer. They’re also gluten-, grain-, and nut-free so they are perfect for sharing with all of my friends. 

I’ve tried making crispy chickpeas at home in the oven and the air fryer, but I’m happy to take a shortcut when I can find it. So when I spotted a five-ounce bag of Biena’s Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks at T.J. Maxx, I tossed them into my cart right away. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks?

I started buying snacks from T.J. Maxx when it was way past lunchtime and I needed some fuel to finish my shopping. Biena’s chickpea snacks were the perfect solution for snacking straight from the bag. But straight-up snacking isn’t the only way to enjoy these crunchy chickpeas. You can chop them and sprinkle over a salad for a protein-packed crouton alternative. Use them in place of nuts on your favorite noodle recipe. Toss them with pretzels, cereal, and bagel chips in homemade Chex mix, or in trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. 

Find it in stores: Biena Sea Salt Chickpea Snacks, $2.99 for 5 ounces at T.J. Maxx

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