Beyond Whole Wheat: 4 Delightful Whole-Grain Pie Crusts

published Jul 11, 2013
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Reaching for whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour is an easy way to work whole grain nutrition into a simple pie dough. In doing so, you’ll not only have a healthier pie shell, but you’ll have one that boasts the flavor of whole wheat flour (as all-purpose white flour doesn’t have as much flavor on its own). Should the day come though when you’re looking to branch out beyond a whole wheat pie crust, there are a number of delicious, flaky whole grain pie dough recipes to select and celebrate. Here are my favorites.

My favorite thing about experimenting with whole grain flours in baked goods is the way you can add levels of flavor simply by choosing an individual flour (or a mix of flours). Barley flour has a nice creamy sweetness that I love with berries or fall fruits whereas rye flour has a depth that is to-die-for with chocolate or bright, assertive citrus.

In addition to flavor, the texture of whole grain flours varies dramatically: oat flour makes for a rather delicate crust whereas spelt and rye tend to be a bit heartier.

It’s exciting to start to make these connections and discoveries as you can really start to play with the different flavors in your pie and think through which flour would best complement them.

What is your favorite whole grain flour to bake with? I’d love to know!

4 Whole Grain Pie Crusts

  1. Sweet Rye Pie Dough (pictured) – A Sweet Spoonful
  2. Sorghum Pie Crust – The Whole Grains Counsil
  3. Gluten-Free Millet Pastry – Just Eat Love
  4. Spelt Pie Crust – Bob’s Red Mill

(Image: Megan Gordon)