Beyond Socca: 5 More Ways to Use Chickpea Flour

updated May 2, 2019
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You tried making socca and loved it, but now what? What else can you make with that big bag of chickpea flour now sitting in your cupboard? If you’ve fallen in love with this nutty, sweet flour, here are a few more ways to use it in your cooking.

1. Chickpea Fritters: Chickpea flour makes a fantastic, crunchy coating for deep-fried vegetable fritters. Just whisk it with some salt and enough water, beer, or sparkling water to make a thin batter, dip in your favorite veggies, and fry until golden.

2. Veggie Burgers: A little chickpea flour makes an excellent gluten-free binder for veggie burgers. A few tablespoons in your mix of beans and veggies will do the trick.

3. Breads & Baked Goods: Chickpea flour is a very fun — and nutritious — addition to breads and baked goods. You can sub it in for some of the wheat flour in your favorite recipe or use it as part of a gluten-free flour mix.

4. Crust for Meats: For a little extra crunch on your grilled steaks and roasted pork chops, brush with oil and press with a little chickpea flour. You can also toast the chickpea flour in a dry skillet over medium heat for an extra roasty flavor.

5. Thickener for Soups: Instead of using flour or another starch to thicken a soup, stir in a little finely-ground chickpea flour. It absorbs liquids without clumping and adds a mellow, buttery taste to soups.

What other ways do you cook with chickpea flour?