Beyond RASKOG: 8 Pantry-Organizing Products from IKEA For $10 or Less

(Image credit: IKEA/Design: Susanna Hopler)

When it comes to finding inexpensive storage solutions for your home, IKEA is a great place to start. The same is true when we’re talking about pantries, specifically. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend a ton of money on stuff that’s gonna get hidden away in a tiny room that very few people will ever see, right?

The pantry solutions at IKEA are affordably priced, smart, and not terrible to look at (should guests end up hanging out in your pantry during your next dinner party). Here are our favorites — none of them are the RASKOG cart (because you already know about that) and all of them happen to be $10 or less.

  1. OBSERVATOR clip-on basket, $3: Take advantage of the dead space between your pantry shelves by snatching up a few of these clip-on baskets, which are a steal at only three bucks each.
  2. VARIERA pot lid organizer, $7: Eliminate the search for wayward pot lids by using this accordion-style organizer, which will keep up to six lids in order and can be stored in a deep drawer or on a pantry shelf.
  3. UDDIG container set, $6 for set of three: Half-open bags of dry goods like coffee, flour, and rice not only make for a messy pantry, but they also don’t stay fresh very long after opening. Simultaneously extend the freshness of your pantry staples and keep everything neat and organized with this cute canister set, featuring three tin containers in graduated sizes.
  4. VARIERA box, $3: Great for grouping items together (all your oils or noodles, for example), this box features two handles for easy transport in and out of your pantry, and is bright green to add a pop of color.
  5. HUTTEN wine rack, $10: A small shelf in your pantry might be the closest you’ll ever get to having a wine cellar, but with this wine rack you can organize the various bottles you like to keep on hand. The rack can hold up to nine bottles and can be stacked up to hold even more.
  6. BEKVAM spice rack, $4: Crafted out of wood, this simple spice rack will keep your various spices organized and easily reachable. It can be mounted to a wall or even the back of your pantry door.
  7. TILLSLUTA dry food bin, $6: Because the majority of the foods you keep in your pantry are dry goods, these bins will really come in handy to keep things fresh, organized, and easily accessible. Fill them with rice, pasta, cereal, and more — they’re outfitted with clear lids so you can see exactly what’s inside (and know instantly if you’re running low). Bonus: They’re stackable to ensure you use space efficiently.
  8. RAJTAN spice jar set, $3 for four: While we don’t usually recommend putting your spices into matching jars (read our explanation: You May Be Organizing Your Spices All Wrong), these transparent glass jars are great when you’re looking to downsize containers. Use them for spices, salts, and even sprinkles.

What items do you get at IKEA to help organize your pantry?

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