Beyond Oatmeal: 5 Ways to Eat More Whole Grains for Breakfast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Oatmeal and whole wheat toast aren’t the only ways to get some whole grains in your breakfast. If you’re bored of the usual and looking for more ways to jumpstart your day with healthy grains, we have a few ideas for you to try.

Porridge and Oatmeal Alternatives – Any grain can become an oatmeal-like porridge, just use a little more liquid than you normally would. Substituting a bit of milk also makes it creamier and more breakfast-y. Quinoa, barley, and buckwheat groats are favorites around here.

Whole Grain Omelets and Frittatas – This is a favorite use for a few scoops of rice or quinoa leftover from dinner the night before. Add a few spoonfuls of grain into the middle of an omelet or fold it into the frittata ingredients before adding the eggs.

Whole Grain Pancakes and Baked Goods – Another way to use up leftover grains! You can stir the cooked grains right into the batter. I love the texture and subtle nutty flavor they add to a plate of pancakes.

Breakfast Bakes – Starchy grains do a wonderful job at binding things together, as anyone who’s left a bowl of oatmeal sitting on the counter for too long will know. We can put this quality to good use by whipping up a batch of fruit- and nut-filled porridge and letting it cook slowly in the oven until it sets. These squares are great for breakfast on the go.

Play with Flours – There’s a whole world of flours out there and breakfast is a great place to play with them. Most breakfast baked goods are less dependent on gluten, so it’s easy to try subbing in things like barley flour or ground amaranth.

What are your suggestions for eating more whole grains for breakfast?