Beyond Mornings: 7 Savory Ways to Use Your Marmalade

published Jan 25, 2013
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2013_01_16-marmalade chicken.jpg I recently took a marmalade class here in Seattle and was surprised with some of the questions that came up from fellow attendees. While I had questions about the size of the citrus chunks or how exactly I could tell when the marmalade was done cooking, other students really wanted to know what to do with their marmalade. Beyond toast, how should they use it?

I thought the question funny only because I use marmalade in so many different ways in the kitchen, morning and evening. But I realize not everyone does, so I started brainstorming with my group and we came up with dozens of thoughts for how to use our marmalade when we got home. From snacks to mains to side dishes, we came up with enough ideas to last for weeks.

1. Roasting Chicken: Marmalade works magic when spread on chicken or turkey to create a simple, sweet glaze.

2. Quick Pork Loin: Many of the chutneys I spread on pork loin or pork chops contain little bits of citrus, so it occurred to me recently just to go full-on with marmalade as the spread. The result was bright and delicious.

3. Polenta or Warm Grains: Marmalade adds a little hit of sweetness and interesting texture to a bowl of warm polenta or grains. I’ve mixed it into bulgur, quinoa and barley with great results.

4. Vinaigrettes: Wake up the most common vinaigrettes with a dollop of marmalade.

5. Appetizer Plate: Crackers, cheese and a good marmalade make for a most delicious appetizer spread. We serve this with a little Prosecco and even a ho-hum spread of cheese and crackers becomes quite a bit dressier.

6. Salmon: Make a marinade for salmon with a few glugs of soy sauce and a spoonful or marmalade for a quick, flavorful dinner.

7. Pizza: If you ever do quick flatbread-type pizzas at home, try marmalade, blue cheese and prosciutto next time. Or turn towards warm sandwiches instead with a Ham, Marmalade and Brie concoction.

What’s your favorite savory way to use marmalade?