Beyond Fruits and Vegetables: What Else Do You Buy at Your Farmers' Market?

Beyond Fruits and Vegetables: What Else Do You Buy at Your Farmers' Market?

Dana Velden
Jul 2, 2012

I just moved and one of the main selling points of my new place is that the neighborhood farmers' market is just 2 blocks away. While there are several stalls featuring fruits and vegetables, I can also purchase cheese, milk and yogurt, meat, charcuterie, flowers, jam, bread and other baked goods, eggs, coffee, handmade soap, and olive oil. In other words, if I wanted to (and if my pocketbook could afford it, which it can't) I could theoretically skip the grocery store completely!

The main reason I don't is money. While the organic vegetables are usually a good deal, the prices of many of the other items often are more expensive than your average grocery store. So while theoretically I could skip a visit to the grocers, the truth is I seldom do. My usual combination is both Trader Joe's and the farmer's market, with the occasional farmers' market treat in the form of a bottle of olive oil or a really special cheese.

My market also features delicious fish tacos, wood-fired pizza, dim sum and the famous Kouign Aman. I can purchase handmade crafts, too, and sign a petition or two and listen to amazing live music. Oh, and run into a dozen old friends and have one of the best coffees in town. While it may not replace the grocery store completely, the farmers' market is sure a lot more fun!

Do you purchase more than fruits and veg at your farmers' market? Can it serve all of your grocery needs?

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(Image: Leela Cyd Ross)

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