Beyond Blondies: Other Ideas for Butterscotch Chips?

updated May 2, 2019
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We have most of a bag of butterscotch chips sitting in our pantry after making a batch of blondies, and are scratching our heads over what else we can make with them. We’ve also gotten a little addicted to sneaking a few chips at a time out of the bag, and need to nip that in the bud! Any suggestions?

Butterscotch chips have a smooth, buttery flavor. It’s not quite caramel, but they’re more than just plain sugar. We think they make a great pairing with both very dark chocolate (as contrasting flavors) and with cooked or stewed fruit (as complementing flavors).

Here are a few ideas and recipes we have:

Baked Apples – We could add a handful of butterscotch chips to the brown sugar-oatmeal stuffing in our favorite baked apple recipe.

Banana Bread – Ditto with this quick bread! Even better would be a handful of butterscotch chips and a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Scones – Butterscotch would go nicely with tart dried cranberries, cherries, or any other dried fruit in a breakfast scone, don’t you think?

Brownies – Imagine dark chocolate brownies studded with creamy pockets of butterscotch.

Quick Fondue – As long as we’re eating the chips plain, we might as well melt them down and dip some pieces of fruit!

Ice Cream – Any excuse to make a batch of frozen custard is good in our book. We could melt the chips into the ice cream base or add them in whole pieces at the end.

Seven-Layer Magic Cookie Bars – We can’t not mention these bars, right? Seven-layer bars were our favorite at family picnics and church suppers as kids.

What other ideas do you have for using up a batch of butterscotch chips?

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