Better Than a Sandwich: Cherry Tomato Schiacciata

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Schiacciata all’uva is a sweet Tuscan focaccia stuffed with Concord grapes, available in Florentine bakeries beginning in September. Florence resident Emiko Davies, tired of waiting for schiacciata season, decided to make her own savory version filled with a layer of ricotta cheese and cherry tomatoes. We’d take this over a plain cheese sandwich any day!

The schiacciata is made with farro flour, which gives the bread a nutty flavor, but spelt, whole wheat or even all-purpose white flour can be substituted. The flavorings are equally adaptable; Davies suggests fresh mozzarella or goat cheese in place of the ricotta, fresh herbs like basil or mint, and vegetables like zucchini or radicchio. The only rule? Keep it simple.

Cut into squares and wrapped in a little parchment paper, we can see this bread being a welcome addition to any lunch box.

Get the recipe: Cherry tomato schiacciata at Emiko Davies

Have you ever tried schiaciatta?

(Image: Emiko Davies)