Better Lasagna: Try Weaving the Noodles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lasagna is a cold-weather staple in our house. We like to pack each layer with hearty vegetables, browned meat, sauce, and cheese. Although delicious, this can make for a pretty messy square of lasagna. A friend offered a suggestion for improved casserole stability: try weaving the noodles.

She said that this is something her mother did. After boiling the lasagna noodles, you weave them together into a lattice right in the pan, add a layer of filling, another layer of woven noodles, and so on.

This essentially makes a double-layer of noodles at each level and creates a little more traction between the layers. Our friend said she’s never had any problems getting lasagna squares out of the pan or getting them onto the plate without making a mess.

This is something we’ll definitely be trying in our lasagnas this winter. And a few extra noodles never hurt anyone, right?!

Do you weave your lasagna noodles? Any other favorite tricks for making lasagna?

(Image: Faith Durand)