Beth’s Teeny Tiny Peek-a-boo View

(Image credit: Jess Watson)

Beth is the winner of the Small Cool 2010 Teeny-Tiny division. Everyone was enamored by her incredibly small space that Apartment Therapy LA paid her home a visit and treated us all with a House Tour! Our favorite part is obviously her kitchen.

Beth’s teeny tiny home is only 365 square feet, but certainly looks much larger. It’s hard to imagine an actual kitchen is in such a tiny space. Somehow Beth did it, and we’re extremely impressed.

Her home is actually a cottage that’s located off of a private drive in the hills of Sausalito, California. Her kitchen may be tiny, but offers up all of the goods a normal sized kitchen does. Her stove is to die for and we love how it works so well with bright modern colors and accents.

The shelving that Beth installed is such a great example of utilizing every square inch of a space. Without those shelves, she would have been seriously lost with where to keep all of her things. She has her dishes, spices, utensils, cups and even baking dishes all stored on standard shelving with not so standard wood boxes adding a great pop of color and textural interest. She also added a smaller shelving option above the stove where she keeps ramekins and a trusty can of Old Bay seasoning.

The fact that the space is abundantly filled with light certainly helps make it look much larger. The kitchen is so inviting and even though it can only fit one at a time, it doesn’t look any less enjoyable (we prefer to cook solo!).

(Images: Jessica Watson)