The Cookware Site That Has Something for Everyone on Your Shopping List

updated Dec 7, 2021
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There’s a lot to be said for one-stop shopping — especially when it can be done online. Of course, there are lots of websites where you can do this, but there’s one under-the-radar storefront that’s become pretty popular among Kitchn readers lately, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

The site in mind: Zwilling. You may recognize the name, as it has become synonymous with high-end knives and cutlery, but the brand is actually a tentpole that represents so much more. See, Zwilling is the parent company to top kitchen brands like Staub, Henckels, and (duh) Zwilling. The site has tons of high-quality cookware, cutlery, accessories, and more — which means you’ll find something for everyone on your shopping list. Check out some of our favorite picks below and keep those home cooks on your list in mind as you browse.

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The Cadillac of Dutch ovens, Staub's Cocottes are made in France with strict oversight and quality standards. Unlike most other enameled Dutch ovens, Staub's have a black matte interior, which won't stain and is more effective at browning meat evenly. Get this for your favorite home cook who already has an entry-level Dutch oven but is ready for a step up.

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Shopping for a regular meal prepper? Or a lover of leftovers? This set is a must. The containers and bags have a special valve (and come with a special sealer) so that air can be sucked out and food can last longer in the fridge or freezer. It's proven to be especially handy during the pandemic while we're all trying extra hard to reduce food waste and our number of trips to the grocery store.

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Zwilling launched a few small electric appliances this year and they are sleek enough for even the most modern-looking kitchen. We're big fans of this kettle, which has six presets, a double-walled body, and a 30-minute keep warm feature. We like this for tea drinks, of course, but also new parents, as it can be used to warm baby bottles, too.

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Every home baker should have a good, reliable scale. And yes, that includes bread bakers! (Because measuring ingredients by weight is just always going to be more accurate than the old scoop-and-level method.) This new scale is as accurate as it is gorgeous. It's so easy to use, weighs up to 22 pounds, and doesn't take up a lot of space.

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was $300.00

Cast iron can be intimidating for a lot of home cooks (it really shouldn't be, though!), which is where this skillet comes in. It's cast iron but it has a matte black finish that doesn't require any seasoning. So your loved one can get all the benefits of cast iron (the sear! the hot, hot pan!) without any of the stress.

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was $371.00

This time of year is what Kitchn editors call "Braising Season." The time of year when you want lots of braised meats and stew-y veggies. Help your loved one make the most of the season (and hit Peak Cozy!) with this high-quality braiser. Like the Dutch oven above, this pot also has a dark interior, which gets that coveted sear.

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was $350.00

This stunner of a knife is handcrafted in Japan and earns gold stars for both beauty and substance. The blade is wrapped in over 100 layers of steel to form a subtle pattern, which makes it look pretty and boosts its durability. The handle is just as gorgeous, made from black ash; honestly, it’s one of the best-looking knives we’ve ever seen. This petite workhorse is not a knife to knock around in your silverware drawer, but it IS the perfect present for anyone who takes their knives seriously.

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was $62.00

If you’ve been using an old pair of craft scissors for food prep tasks, you probably already know why kitchen shears are important. This set is lightyears better than “regular” scissors, thanks to micro-serrated blades and a built-in bottle cap opener — your scrapbooking shears definitely can’t crack a beer. The Miyabi shears are incredibly sharp and hefty enough to cut through bone, which is a must if you ever spatchcock chicken (or turkey!).

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was $56.00

Sharpening steels are an underrated tool — but once you get in the habit of using this one, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start. A few passes along the ice-hardened steel and your favorite knives will retain a sharp edge for much longer. The 10-inch tool is surprisingly easy to use and it looks pretty enough to display in anyone’s kitchen.

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was $81.00

This empty knife block would be an amazing gift for anyone who stores their knives haphazardly in a drawer. Look at it as a subtle nudge toward organization that will actually be appreciated. It’s understated and attractive, made from bamboo wood. The block can hold up to 10 knives, along with shears and sharpening steel. Simply put, it’s a smart gift that will get used every day!

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was $170.00

If someone on your list loves kicking off their mornings with a smoothie, a powerful blender is undoubtedly on their wish list. This personal-sized gadget from Zwilling packs a punch in a small frame, with a dual-performance motor that allows the user to choose between a smoothie and pulse setting. When they're done blending up their fruits and veggies, users can put a lid right onto the canister for mess-free, grab-and-go ease.

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was $29.00

Give the gift of delicious hydration with this clever infuser bottle from Zwilling. Outfitted with an integrated removable filter, it allows you to steep or soak everything from herbs and fruit to tea, all without getting any residue in your drink. Bonus: The BPA-free bottle is dishwasher-safe and will keep beverages hot for up to 7 hours (or cold up to 10 hours).

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was $51.00

Uncork your favorite bottle of vino like a true somm with this pro-worthy corkscrew. It's currently on sale (!!), so consider this permission to grab one for the wine lover in your life and one for yourself.

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was $64.99

These colorful shears are a kitchen must-have, thanks in large part to their do-it-all versatility. Use them to spatchcock chicken, snip herbs, and open stubborn packaging. Plus, with colorful handles, they'll look good on your countertop or in your utensil drawer.

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was $300.00

French-made cookware company Staub may be known for their Dutch ovens, but bakeware can benefit from cast iron, too. This 12x8 roaster has a matte enameled coating, which makes it stovetop-safe: You can sear or brown, then transfer it directly to the oven. Unlike bare cast iron, this requires no seasoning or fussy upkeep. Gift it to the person on your list who lives for slow-cooked Sunday suppers; reviewers note that it’s the perfect size for a roast chicken and the trimmings.

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was $279.00

This 1-quart cutie is a true heirloom piece, made to last forever and ever, and look good doing it. It’s constructed from cast iron for incredible heat retention — your water will stay hot for longer! — and coated in a lightly glossy enamel. Grab one of these for the tea lover in your life, but don’t wait if you’ve got your eye on a particular color.

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was $143.00

A bottle of wine is always a welcome present — for special recipients on your gift list, add in a glass decanter. (It’s the oenophile sort of way to say, “Hey, I like you.”) This one holds just over 25 ounces of wine and is a refreshingly approachable way to level up your wine game. It’s designed to increase aeration and boost both aroma and flavor. Happily, unlike many other decanters, this one isn’t fiddly and obnoxious to clean.

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was $200.00

Do not overlook this brilliantly designed toaster. It has 2 extra-long slots, which are a must for that artisanal sourdough habit your best friend picked up in the last year. This baby makes use of four different heating elements, which results in toast that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Plus, with sleek silver or matte black coating, it’s actually beautiful. Not something we thought we’d ever say about a toaster!

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was $233.00

The perfect gift for a budding cook, or someone who needs an everyday knife upgrade. This 3-piece set made by Henckles is iforged from German stainless steel and ergonimic handles so slicing is efficient and comfortable. The cook’s knife is great for everything from chopping veggies to slicing meat, the paring knife is perfect for intricate tasks, and of course, that serrated prep knife will surely get plenty of mileage, too. One (set of three!) and done.

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was $393.00

Nonstick pans are a must for so many cooking tasks, but they’re not all created equal. Ballarini pans are reinforced with bits of ceramic, which makes them more durable and easier to clean. These pans are also almost entirely scratch-resistant, making them more suited for everyday cooking. The miniature saucepan and skillet are perfect for quick cooking tasks, and the Dutch oven and larger sauté pan can handle just about any recipe you toss at it. They’re Italian-made and PFOA-free!

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was $75.00

Truly, a perfect pan! It’s shaped like a wok with a wide bottom and high, sloping sides. Crafted with Ballarini's revolutionary speckled Granitium nonstick coating, you can be sure of a quick release and extra-durable, scratch resistant finish — perfect for sautéing veggies and making stir-fries. Plus, with a heat sensitive handle that turns red when hot, you can be sure to never burn yourself again...bonus points for this pan!

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was $200.00

This brilliantly designed set brings smoky, barbecued flavor indoors. It’s designed for all heat sources and can handle super-hot ovens, which makes it perfect for anyone who loves cooking with woodsmoke (don’t forget to add a package of wood chips in your gift box). As a bonus, it doubles as a steamer. Gotta love a piece of cookware that’s more than just a one-trick pony!

Rochelle Bilow and Alyssa Longobucco also contributed to reporting.