The Luxe Grocery Find Hiding at HomeGoods (If You See a Bottle, Grab It!)

published Feb 28, 2024
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Orlando, Florida, USA- February 7, 2020: HomeGoods storefront in Orlando, Florida, USA. HomeGoods is an American chain of discount home furnishing stores.
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I’ve been shopping at HomeGoods for years in search of imported and artisan food items, and never have I seen beverages other than bottled water (although you could argue that tea bags and coffee beans do result in a drink). That is until recently, when I spotted zero-proof spirits hiding in the clearance aisle, of all places. Imagine my surprise when I recently found one of those was Golden Hour De Soi, a sparkling non-alcoholic aperitif made with lemon balm and L-theanine, found in green tea.

Credit: Kristine Hansen

Alas, when I returned a week later someone else had snapped the rest of these bottles up. Fortunately, some non-alcoholic siblings had just been stocked in the gourmet foods section. Sweet! 

I bought two bottles — along with a fruity mixer — and subsequently crafted margaritas … in the middle of the work day. You’ve got to love how a cold, refreshing mocktail doesn’t lead to a work slump. We’ll definitely be bringing these zero-proof spirits into the spring months; they’re perfect to use when non-imbibing friends drop by or we want a fun drink during the day time that doesn’t slow us down. 

Bonus: There’s none of that burn on your throat after sipping these zero-proof spirits, which may appeal to some people (including me!).

Credit: Kristine Hansen

1. Cut Above Agave Blanco, $24.99 for 750 mL

This spirit has a slightly yellowish hue — not clear like a lot of tequilas are — but I found it to be the better tasting of the two. It also carried more depth on the palate, with hints of grapefruit and spicy pepper. Distributed by a company in Houston, Cut Above Agave Blanco is made with Mexican lime oil, Cubeba pepper, and grapefruit extracts. It was created by Andrew Raul, a veteran of the financial service industry who couldn’t find a zero-proof spirit on the market that he loved, in collaboration with a “master mixologist,” which helps explain why it’s apt as a cocktail ingredient.

Credit: Kristine Hansen

2. NKD LDY Tequila Alternative, $24.99 for 750mL 

What impressed me about this spirit alternative is that it’s made in Mexico which is, of course, the birthplace of tequila. That’s bold: Kind of like making dairy-free cheese in Wisconsin (I can safely say that because I’m a Dairy State resident). The zero-proof spirit is reverse-distilled in Mexico from actual tequila. The aroma is very earthy, almost vegetal.

I didn’t detect as much flavor as the above product, but once you mix it with other cocktail ingredients it’s a non-issue anyway, and actually resulted in a very balanced margarita. Like many products sold at HomeGoods, where items are from last or previous seasons, what I brought home appears to be an earlier version of the company’s tequilas because the packaging on its website is different. Just as Cut Above, this bottle was priced $10 less than what other retailers charge. 

Spot any exciting (and budget-friendly!) new finds at HomeGoods lately? Tell us in the comments below.