9 Stylish Magnetic Organizers That Create Instant Kitchen Storage (Plus, They’re on Sale!)

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Refrigerators are naturally well-suited to being centerpieces. They usually hold the most precious and delicious things in your kitchen, and they’re one of the most-used appliances in your home. Unfortunately, like it or not, they take up a serious amount of space. That’s all the more reason to put your fridge to even greater use as a multi-purpose storage area (on the outside, of course). The easiest and most affordable way to do that is with magnetic organizers that take advantage of your fridge’s metal exterior. Yamazaki Home is our go-to brand for this specific kind of organizer, since they focus on using minimalist designs that blend in with any decor scheme. They also have options for every possible storage scenario — trust us. Whether you want extra shelf space to hold ingredients, bins to keep household clutter at bay, or a combination that also miraculously has ladle hooks, you’ll find it here.

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Yamazaki Home
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This basket's slim-but-not-too-slim design takes everyday essentials including salt, pepper, and olive oil off your counter while still keeping them within reach. It also holds go-to cooking tools such as wooden spoons and spatulas, plus any other ingredients that get used too often to be kept deep in the cabinet. We like how the movable divider lets you make separate storage areas in case you want to put a few handy cleaning items in here (or if you just like keeping everything neatly corralled to one side).

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Yamazaki Home
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Here is your perfect spice rack: It has the right dimensions to carry just the spices you actually use on a weekly basis, plus room for one or two bottles of oil or your favorite cooking liquid (which, for me, is Shaoxing cooking wine). The size and carrying capacity (3.3 pounds) are almost identical to the model with the wooden railing, so this is a great way to get that same functionality at a lower price.

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Yamazaki Home
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This 10-inch-wide model is perfect when you only need a little more storage space or if you want to accent existing organizers. The handsome wooden railing is a nice touch that offsets the steel body, which has just enough of a lip to prevent jars and bottles from falling. This is also great if your fridge is set up against a counter that makes it hard to reach the back and get full use out of a wider caddy. In that case, grab two of these small ones to get the same amount of storage space that's broken up into more manageable (and useful) increments.

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Yamazaki Home

This all-in-one unit is a fantastic deal: It combines the functions of four different organizers at an affordable price. Up top is a rack for salt, spices, and oil, followed by a paper towel dispenser and a wooden dowel for holding towels. On the bottom is a row of hooks that are just what you need to hang ladles, pasta scoopers, and strainers. As far as kitchen storage upgrades go, you'd be hard-pressed to find another that packs so many features into one compact design.

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Yamazaki Home

Your fridge may not be the first place you think of to keep paper towels, but it's a smarter and more space-conscious spot than your counters. This ultra-minimalist design can hold a roll of paper towels horizontally or vertically, so you can arrange it in the way that best suits your kitchen. And, because it's detachable, you can easily pick it up and carry it over to spills that need a lot of toweling. That combo of versatility and portability is what we hope for in all our kitchen tools.

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Yamazaki Home
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Some storage solutions are so obvious, you wonder why you haven't seen them before. Here, three compact arms let you keep several towels on hand where you actually need them, instead of folded up in drawers. And, when you need to let your towels dry, you can rotate the arms to give them plenty of airflow. Wall hooks and over-the-cabinet towel hangers just can't compete.

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Yamazaki Home
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It's more convenient to leave cleaning spray out than to always put it away under the sink, but that doesn't mean it's destined to live on your counter forever. Storing your cleaning sprays on the side of your fridge makes much more sense, and the neutral design makes them look more tidy and visually unobtrusive than any bottle with a colorful label. Every bottle is reusable and comes in black and white so you can mix and match colors.

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Yamazaki Home
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Refrigerators have a way of becoming a hub for odds and ends that need a place to stay where they can remain accessible and, most importantly, not lost. We think it's smart to embrace that using this spacious, three-level caddy. The front two rows have dividers to provide helpful structure, while the largest row in the back can hold bulky items. As the picture suggests, this is also a great way to declutter your laundry room.

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Yamazaki Home
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There isn't a rule that says you have to keep your keys in your entryway, or that you can't have a second key storage area somewhere else. This organizer offers plenty of hooks for everyone in your home, plus extra hooks for keys that you don't use every day but need to keep track of (so you're not scrambling to find your friend's keys the next time you pet sit). The slot on top may have been meant for mail, but it works just as well for preventing piles of random paper from accumulating around your home.