The 3 Best Blenders (and 1 to Avoid), According to Our Readers

updated May 1, 2019
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A while ago, one of our editors raved about her new blender — her first blender upgrade in more than a decade, and a huge step up from the entry-level blender she’d had since college. Her raves led to a lively discussion in the comments (and plenty of emails) about the best blenders out there.

So here we go: According to our readers, these are the three best blenders on the market. Plus, we’re including one that got surprisingly negative reviews.

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With a slightly squat design and a “Wildside” blending jar with five sides instead of four — to allow the blades to reach a wider area — this blender gets points for easily blending everything from smoothies and soups. It has pre-programmed settings for various foods and a powerful motor. “I can easily use my Blendtec under my upper cabinets, and the more squat design paired with Wildside jar means it’s easier to mix food and toss more in without removing the canister,” says one commenter. Another reader uses it to make baby food, mill her own grains, and more: “As a new mom attempting to keep my kiddo from eating commercially produced foods, the Blendtec has been a life-saver!”

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Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series, from $600 at Williams Sonoma

This turbo-charged blender has smart pre-settings, an easy-pour opening, and efficient blades for blending. Readers found it effective, easy to use, and easy to clean, too. One reader says, “Between making homemade food for my baby, restaurant-quality soup, and my morning smoothie, I will never be without again!” Tip: Keep an eye out for it at Costco, where another reader found the pricey appliance on sale for half off.

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The least expensive of the reader picks, this one was lauded for its reliable (if not fancy) output. The commercial-grade blender easily handles everything: “I use it almost daily. I make a lot of smoothies with big chunks of frozen fruit and it blends them up with ease,” one reader says. If you have some time, click on over to the site, scroll down, and watch a video clip of the blender pulverizing an iPhone. It’s pretty amazing. (Note: Do not try this at home.)

The blender our readers say to avoid: The Ninja

While this blender has its share of devoted followers, many of our readers found the quality unreliable: Some complained that the appliance cracked and melted under normal use. Another said she goes out of the way to avoid recipes that call for blending things so that she doesn’t have to pull out her Ninja — ouch! A few others tried it and moved on to the brands above. So you might want to skip it, too.

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