8 Aldi Groceries You Should Always Buy — And 3 to Skip

published Aug 14, 2023
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Wilmington, DE/USA - April 6, 2019: Aldi grocery store.
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Aldi superfans are definitely in a league of their own. They have every inch of an Aldi supermarket mapped out and categorized by quality and savings, leaving no good deal unnoticed. For anyone who is looking to make their first visit to the popular discount grocery chain, consulting with an Aldi superfan first is a surefire way to narrow down what to buy and what to avoid. 

So in a world of abundant options and not enough time or resources to try them all, who better to trust than those who live and breathe the Aldi experience? Someone asked online which Aldi items are worth buying, and the information started flowing in. So we went ahead and sorted through the responses and put together a list of eight Aldi items you should buy, and three you should totally skip, as told by Aldi superfans themselves. 

8 Aldi Items You Should Buy

Sourdough Bread

Aldi’s sourdough bread is a clear must-buy; it had several fans raving about it. One fan of the sourdough mentioned how they enjoy slicing it and toasting it on the grill. 


Judging by the customer reviews, Aldi’s produce department is worth a gander, with one customer claiming that Aldi has “the cheapest and freshest produce.” Another fan encouraged shoppers to “get the green onions. They are fantastic and a great deal. I also get their romaine lettuce, which is always tasty.”


An exceptional cheese selection is not only one of the key elements in having a successful grocery selection, but it also encourages shoppers to try out other items like jams, nuts, and crackers to pair with their favorite cheeses. When asked about which items to snag while at Aldi, one satisfied shopper replied, “Cheese, cheese, cheese. I don’t buy it anywhere else.”

Take-and-Bake Pizza

Depending on your taste preferences, frozen pizza may or may not be an immediate choice when shopping for your weekly groceries. If you are looking to save a buck, though, take-and-bake pizza at Aldi can definitely do the trick. “We LOVE their take-and-bake pizzas! And their cinnamon bread is excellent,” exclaimed one satisfied customer. Another happy eater chimed in to echo the sentiment, mentioning how the “take-and-bake pizzas are so good and cheap.” 

Cranberry Chicken Salad

Fans of chicken salad have a lot to look forward to with Aldi’s cranberry chicken salad. Perhaps Dolly Parton’s version caught your eye originally, but if you’re short on time, picking up the premade Aldi version is a good idea. “Cranberry chicken salad is delicious,” stated one confident superfan, followed by another who explained how they like to “put the cranberry chicken salad on Aldi’s croissants.” 


Egg prices have been pretty volatile in the last year, but Aldi has generally managed to keep egg prices low. “The prices of the free range/pasture raised eggs are amazing,” exclaimed one happy customer, “I love their fruit, veggies, and their milk and eggs! They don’t have everything but the money you save is great! Love this store,” another chimed in. 

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Cookies

One Aldi snack that rises above the rest in popularity seems to be Aldi’s chocolate-covered peanut butter cookies, with one customer claiming that “the chocolate-covered peanut butter cookies are better than the Girl Scouts, and way, way cheaper.”

Chocolate Chip Brioche

The tear-and-share chocolate chip brioche from Aldi is imported from France, and it’s so good. “I really love the sourdough and the chocolate chip brioche bread,” announced one satisfied shopper, while another chimed in with, “I can eat the whole thing in two days!”

3 Aldi Items to Avoid


On the topic of items to avoid at Aldi, the chicken from the meat department is mentioned multiple times, with one customer mentioning how they “avoid the chicken like the plague,” because they feel it’s “pumped with so much water.” It’s worth noting that the frozen “red bag of chicken (Kirkwood Chicken Breast Fillets) were alternatively mentioned multiple times as “delicious and worth returning for.”

Instant Coffee

If you are using a Keurig machine at home, tread carefully when restocking on instant K-cups for your morning coffee needs. One superfan mentioned how they would “Avoid the coffee K-cups; they will clog a Keurig if not compatible.” But the coffee creamer selection seemed to be praised by all.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese connoisseurs may need to keep looking for their favorite batch. One customer explained, “I love Aldi for almost everything! But their cream cheese is weird (like a kind of grainy texture) and I’ve had their milk spoiled sooner than from other stores.” When it comes to dairy, like produce, some extra attention to detail is necessary when picking out your products. Check the expiration date before adding it to your basket.