I’m a Wine Pro and These Are the Glasses I Use at Home (Starting with Some That Are Just $8 Each)

published Dec 20, 2021
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Credit: Smeilov Sergey / Shutterstock.com

There’s just something about a wine glass that elevates the whole experience of sipping my favorite Burgundy or rosé. Maybe it’s the memory of the dainty row of stems that lined the cabinets of my grandparents’ bar, or the sound of clinking glasses that reminds me that life is to be celebrated. Yes, I know that the right wine glass will technically help open a wine and let its flavors shine through, but you get my point.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the World of Wine Glasses. You know, in attempts to find the perfect partners for the grapes I love. The result? This short list of my favorite wine glasses.

1. Schott Zwiesel Universal Stemless Wine Glasses

I’m all about swirling a glass by its stem, but sometimes a stemless glass will do, too. Schott Zwiesel stemless wine glasses are universally shaped to house most types of wine, and they can also be used for cocktails. What I love most is that, although they feel delicate, they can easily handle a dishwasher rinse. 

2. Zalto Denk’Art Collection 

Although Zalto wine glasses come with a heftier price tag than most wine glasses, there’s a reason they appear on Michelin-starred restaurant tables around the world and in tasting rooms. This is a universal glass that makes you remember it, if not for the price tag, then definitely for its feel. These mouth-blown, lead-free and dishwasher-safe wine glasses just make you feel fancy when you drink from them, due to the lighter-than-air weight of the European crystal they’re made from. Zalto also claims that the shape of the glass, specifically its polished-down lip, is designed to enhance the nose and taste of wines. A fair warning — these glasses are often sold out, but you can find them at times on Amazon or Wine Enthusiast

Buy: Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass, $59  at Wine Enthusiast

3. Riedel Veritas 

Thin and strong is how I like my wine glasses, and that’s exactly where Riedel’s Veritas line delivers. Made of machine-blown lead-free crystal, the collection includes glasses for specific wine varietals, such as the Cabernet/Merlot glasses that are designed for wines with complexity and high tannins. (I use their elegantly designed Nachtmann Decanter Vivendi to let my good bottles breathe before it’s time to pour.) The line also offers Champagne, oaked Chardonnay, and even beer glasses. Another item I covet from this brand whenever I host dinner parties? Their Nachtmann Bossa Serving Set Mix, a crystal bowl and platter trio that adds just the right amount of sparkle next to a wine glass.

4. Estelle Colored Wine Stemware

When the color of the glass matters more than assessing the color of your wine, reach for Estelle Colored Glass’ vibrant jewel-toned collection of stemware. The pieces are made by glass artisans in Poland and inspired by its founder’s grandmother, Estelle, who loved antiques. They’re a colorful combo that evokes a nostalgia for festive occasions and always liven up an afternoon of pouring from a new bottle.