The Top 10 Whole30-Compliant Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon

published Jan 1, 2020
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If you’ve been looking into doing Whole30 or maybe you just started one today (congrats!), I think I know what you must be thinking: This post is weird because the Whole30 rules clearly say no snacking! Yes, that is technically true, but the rules also say, “It’s really okay if you find you have to eat between meals … the success of your Whole30 likely isn’t riding on whether or not you have a mini-meal a few afternoons.”

And because I know that you’re a better human when you’re not hangry, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best Whole30-compliant snacks that you can buy on Amazon. They’re all shelf-stable, so you can stash them in your purse, car, or desk and you’ll always be prepared. (Yes, I’ve included a lot of bars, but they’re really great when it comes to portability!)

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1. Larabar

Let’s start with a classic and one of the simplest Whole30-compliant snacks you can buy. Larabars are made of fruits, nuts, and sometimes spices (like cinnamon) and that’s it! All Larabars are Whole30-compliant except those with chocolate chips (which have a little touch of natural sugar). I highly recommend the Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie, and Cherry Pie!

Buy: Larabar, $14 for 16 bars

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2. That’s It Bars

That’s It bars are true to their name. What you see on the front is what you get: pure fruit and nothing else. These make a great light snack when your sweet tooth strikes and you’re trying to stay away from added sugars. Try the Strawberry, Fig, or Blueberry flavors or buy the variety pack to try them all!

Buy: That’s It Bars, $40 for 36-bar variety pack

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3. RXBars

RXBars are popular among the Whole30 set and the non-Whole30 set. While they’re not vegan (due to the egg whites), they’re vegetarian, grain- and gluten-free, and never have any added sugar. Try the blueberry flavor for a light breakfast or mid-morning snack, or buy the coconut chocolate flavor to use as an afternoon treat!

Buy: RX Bars, $18 for 12

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4. Barnana Organic Pink Salt Plantain Chips

Barnana Organic Plantain Chips are one of the few chips allowed on Whole30 because they’re made of three simple ingredients: plantains, coconut oil, and Himalayan sea salt. Just stick to the Pink Salt option, as the other flavors have some added sugars that aren’t Whole30-compliant. Not into chips? Try Barnana’s Chewy Bites made with just bananas and coconut!

Buy: Barnana Organic Pink Salt Plantain Chips, $12 for three 5-ounce bags

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5. Wildway Granola 

Wildway Granola is a (rare) grain-free granola with no added sugar or sweeteners, and it’s absolutely delicious! Made of fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, it’s a delicious way to get your granola fix without all the added sugars. Eat it by the handful or pair a little with some fresh fruit.

Buy: Wildway Granola, $23 for three 8-ounce bags

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6. Bare Snacks

Bare Snacks have a texture that’s between dried fruit and chips, so they’ll fill a range of snack cravings. Pair them with nuts or seeds for an extra-filling treat. I highly recommend the pineapple, strawberry, and apple medley!

Buy: Bare Snacks Medley, $24 for six 1.2-ounce bags

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7. SUN & SWELL Bites

These little raw fruit-and-nut bites come in fun flavors (lemon coconut, cacao, and cinnamon!) and are totally pop-able and portable. They’re also a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals — and they have no added sugar!

Buy: SUN & SWELL Bites, $20 for six 1.6-ounce bags

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8. Pressed Bars by Kind

From the makers of the original Kind bars (which aren’t Whole30-compliant), Kind Pressed bars are pure and simple and perfectly Whole30-compliant. Most of the varieties only have three or four ingredients and are made of nothing but fruits and veggies. Try the Pineapple Banana Kale and Spinach bars. (Keep in mind the chocolate flavors aren’t Whole30-compliant, so stick to the original options.)

Buy: Pressed Bars by Kind, $11 for 12

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9. Go Raw Pizza Flax Snacks

These savory snacks are ultra-tasty and crunchy. Made with high-fiber flax seeds that are a great source of healthy fats, these bites are a great alternative to potato chips and are completely unprocessed and raw (meaning: they’re not baked, fried, or roasted). I also recommend the Spicy Fiesta flavor for a little extra flair!

Buy: Go Raw Pizza Flax Snacks, $24 for six 3-ounce bags

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10. Veggie Go’s Fruit and Veggie Bars

These bars are like a healthier form of fruit leather — but even tastier. (They have no added sugar or processed ingredients.) I highly recommend the Strawberry Apple Sweet Potato and the Berry Apple Spinach varieties. Bonus: You can even count these as one serving of your daily fruit and veg requirements!

Buy: Veggie Go’s Fruit and Veggie Bars, $18 for 20

Are you on Whole30? If so, what’s your favorite on-the-go snack? We want to know!