13 Easy Recipes to Help You Through the Whole30 Diet

updated Dec 22, 2020
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Whether you’re just getting ready to give Whole30 a try for the first time or you already have a few rounds under your belt, one of the most helpful things you can do is to arm yourself with a roster of easy and delicious recipes you can keep coming back to.

In case you need a refresher, the Whole30 diet focuses on eliminating certain foods (and eventually gradually reintroducing them) in order to better understand how they affect your body. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Whole30 right here. And we’ve even gone through it personally — you can read about our experiences here.

Since the Whole30 diet requires a fair amount of at-home cooking, I learned that the best Whole30 recipes are either quick-cooking, lend themselves to batching cooking, or are made in the

slow cooker

can eat. From meat dishes to seafood, and a few plant-based options we think even omnivores will love, here are 13 easy and delicious Whole30 recipes to keep you going strong the entire month.
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Whole30 Creamy Mushroom Smothered Pork Chops
Brown and juicy pork chops are covered in a creamy rosemary and mushroom sauce for an impressively easy stovetop dinner.
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Whole30 Chicken
Whether you’re following Whole30 or not, this is an easy, flavor-packed dinner that deserves a regular spot in your meal plan.
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Whole30 Italian Meatballs with Marinara
Inspired by the classic, these Whole30 Italian meatballs are packed with fragrant herbs, but skip the grains and dairy.
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Warm Fajita Steak Salad
No tortillas here. Instead, this dinner-worthy salad layers slices of juicy, cumin-rubbed flank steak along with charred peppers and onions over a bed of crunchy, chopped romaine and red cabbage. It’s finished off with a chili-lime vinaigrette for a tangy kick and a little bit of heat.
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How To Cook Chicken Breast in the Instant Pot
This is an easy-breezy method perfect for cooking up a batch of chicken breasts for the week ahead. You can aim for firm-but-juicy chicken and cube it for salads or soups, or let it cook a little bit longer and make tender shredded chicken. It even works if the chicken is still frozen.
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Whole30 Chili
Guess what? Even though it's Whole30-compliant, this hearty chili isn’t all that different from most other batches of chili. This version loads up on meat, vegetables, and spices — but it takes a pass on beans, lentils, or alcohol for flavoring. Skip the typical sour cream or cheese toppings and load up instead on avocado and herbs, like cilantro.
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Sheet Pan Crispy Salmon and Potatoes
The beauty of this weeknight salmon dinner is that it takes less from 20 minutes from start to finish. Just be sure to slice the potatoes (which, yes, are Whole30-approved) thin so they cook through and get nice and crispy.
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Vegan Sweet Potato Chowder
This plant-based soup is delicious the day you make it, but like most soups, it’s even better the next day. Make a double batch and freeze the extras for next week, you'll be happy you do it.
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Pressure-Cooker Kalua Pig
If you use bacon, be sure it's the no-sugar-added kind. You can also skip the bacon (I usually do!), and swap in a glug of olive oil for a healthy fat. Use some of the leftover meat for Asian-style Cauliflower Fried Rice.
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Mexican Restaurant-Style Cauliflower Rice
Burrito bowls are not off the table just because you're following Whole30. You simply need to make some swaps, like using a cauliflower rice instead of white or brown rice. This is our favorite version. It's infused with a warm, subtle heat and a hint of tomatoey sweetness, and balanced with a squeeze of tangy lime juice.
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Sheet Pan Chicken Souvlaki
Inspired by souvlaki — the traditional skewered chicken highlighted with lemon, sweet herbs, and garlic — juicy chicken thighs are infused with the same classic flavors and get cooked until the skin is irresistibly crisp.
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Slow Cooker Brisket and Onions
The slow cooker recipes I rely on most are the ones that leave me with an ample amount of leftovers. And this brisket delivers in the most delicious way. To make it Whole30-compliant, I use coconut aminos in place of the soy sauce and skip the Worcestershire sauce.
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Creamy Coconut Cauliflower Soup
Soup is one of my favorite lunch go-to’s when I’m following Whole30, and also when I’m not. This creamy coconut cauliflower soup hits all the high points of a warm, rich soup — smooth, a little nutty, and perfectly spiced.
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