This Is the Best Way to Store Wet Dishcloths

published Dec 18, 2022
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Until recently, I’d pretty much given up on finding a way to store my dishcloths — specifically the two that are always in use in my house. I use one dishcloth for washing dishes and another for wiping the counter and table. I switch them out for fresh ones every evening as part of our kitchen shut-down routine, but I’ve never been able to figure out how or where to store them during the day.

I don’t like draping rags over the faucet, because you can see it from the living room. A bright blue wet rag isn’t something I want perpetually in my or anyone else’s line of sight.

I tried hanging our rags on Command hooks on the inside of the cupboard doors under the sink. But the rags couldn’t dry under there and our under-sink storage area got musty.

I also considered a rack we could place on the counter, like a hand towel rack you might see in a bathroom, but I couldn’t swallow paying $20.

So, until recently, our default solution was to spread our in-use rags over the sink partition — which meant our rags were always wet. They were constantly caught in the flow of water from the faucet and there wasn’t enough air flow for them to ever thoroughly dry. In addition, they’d often fall into the bottom of the sink, which, as we know, isn’t exactly the cleanest place in our homes.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

S-Hooks are the Best, Cheapest Storage Solution for In-Use Dish Rags

And then, I had an epiphany: S-hooks. As I should probably know by now, S-hooks are almost always the answer to organizing anything in any room. In the kitchen, S-hooks can be hung from rods you might already be using for storing other items off the counter. Or you might realize hanging a rod in the kitchen could solve your rag problem and also provide storage for other kitchen tools.

If you don’t have any S-hooks in your home right now, go buy some. You’ll find them pretty much everywhere — in hardware stores, in IKEA, on Amazon. And they’re cheap. This pack of 10 S-hooks costs less than $5. That’s 50 cents per hook, or just $1 to solve my dish rag storage conundrum.

We’ve been using our new setup for a couple months and it’s been great. Our rags actually have an opportunity to dry between uses. Having the rags out of the way has simplified sink activities like washing hands. And knowing that our rags haven’t been soaking all day gives me peace of mind when I wipe the table or counters.

If you use rags but don’t love hanging them over faucets, across the counter, or over a sink divide, S-hooks could be the answer. Sometimes a dollar and a couple humble hooks are all you need.

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