Best Way to Drizzle Chocolate: A Squeeze Bottle

Best Way to Drizzle Chocolate: A Squeeze Bottle

Faith Durand
Sep 24, 2009

Do you own a plastic squeeze bottle? If not, you should! It's good for so many things around the kitchen — but it's especially good for drizzling chocolate.

We drizzled chocolate over several hundred of these mini treats, and what could have been a lengthy chore was finished in barely five minutes.

A plastic squeeze bottle has a lot of advantages over other methods of drizzling chocolate. Those other methods include using a fork, spoon, or skewer to lift and wave the chocolate over something. We've also used cones of wax paper and pastry bags with tips. All of these pale, though, next to the superior control that a squeeze bottle gives you.

When you're drizzling chocolate (or any other thick sauce, really) a squeeze bottle lets you release the pressure and lift the bottle to go on to the next plate or confection without chocolate continuing to drip. It's less messy, easier to control, and a nice way to store leftover chocolate, too.

These little bottles are also great for doing fancy-shmancy chef plating of dishes with sauces artfully swirled around them. Fun, and cheap, too. You can find these mustard and ketchup bottles for just a dollar or two at a restaurant supply shop.

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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