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I’ve Tried Countless Mayos — This Surprising Brand Is My New Favorite

updated Jan 22, 2021
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Credit: Christine Han/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

I live in a sauce-loving household. Even when our fridge starts to get depleted of actual food, our fridge doors are still packed with every spread and sauce imaginable. Among these options, mayo is a category of its own, with its own disproportional fridge footprint.

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of mayo over the years — and particularly during the past year, when I’ve been cooking at home more than ever. My partner happens to be vegetarian and I consider myself “flexitarian” (I’ve majorly reduced my meat consumption without any firm restrictions). We also try to make vegan swaps to ingredients whenever we can, to improve the sustainability of our eating habits — and that includes mayo.

After trying countless brands of mayonnaise, I found a new favorite mayo that satisfies both of our wants, and more: HLTHPUNK’s Bionnaise, plant-based mayo perfection. 

Credit: Annie Burdick

Buy: HLTHPUNK Bionnaise Vegan Mayo, $9.99 for 4.8 ounces at Walmart

Not only is this the best-tasting vegan mayo I’ve ever discovered, but it also tops all other non-vegan mayos on my taste scale. When I set out to tell Kitchn readers about this favorite grocery find, I was informed that there’s a certain mayo that’s so beloved it’s made the list of Kitchn Essentials, Grocery Edition two years running.

In the spirit of fairness to this beloved Kitchn staple, I shipped myself some Duke’s mayo, in order to ensure that my recommendation held up. Once it arrived, I decided to do a direct comparison.

Credit: Annie Burdick

Duke’s Mayo is a beloved Southern-based brand with a family recipe and more than 100 years of history. People swear by it and that devotion is pretty hard to beat. While it’s absolutely a delicious mayo that blows standard grocery brands away, I still preferred HLTHPUNK in a head-to-head taste test.

Credit: Annie Burdick

Duke’s maxes out on richness and creaminess. I’d quickly turn to Duke’s for something like potato salad or a mayo-based dip (especially because of the quantity required and size of Duke’s bottles). But if I’m using mayo in smaller proportions (on sandwiches!) that’s where HLTHPUNK’s Bionnaise really shines — this is mainly due to the variety of spices included in the ingredient list, like turmeric and white pepper. 

Another reason I’m inclined toward HLTHPUNK is that it’s a standout among better-for-me options (without compromising an ounce of flavor). HLTHPUNK’s Bionnaise is made from a sunflower oil and oat-milk based recipe (no soy), which makes it an option for anyone with soy allergies or aversions (which is not easy to come by). 

Aesthetically, HLTHPUNK’s sauces come in colorfully designed squeezable metal tubes, making them eye-catching amidst more boring labels. And on the sustainability front, the tube itself and the paper carton it comes in are fully recyclable. The only plastic waste is the cap. 

While I loved Duke’s, this option is really only easy to come by for those who live in the South. For me in the Pacific Northwest, the only option was to buy multiple large containers at a time online. HLTHPUNK can be purchased by the individual tube online (for $9.99 for 4.8 ounces at Walmart). 

Ultimately, your mayo preference may come down to several factors — location, mayo usage, and ingredient importance among them. Both mayos are delicious, but only HLTHPUNK makes me particularly excited to spread it again and again.

What is your favorite mayonnaise?