The Best Type of Chocolate to Use for Making Buckeyes

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Named for their resemblance to the nuts from the Ohio buckeye tree, buckeyes are the impossibly delicious confection made with a ball of smooth peanut butter coated nearly all the way — save for a small area around the top — with a layer of chocolate. When choosing chocolate for this sweet holiday treat, the options are plenty, including chips, wafers, and chocolate bars.

But it’s important to remember that not all varieties of chocolate are created equal. For the very best result, this is the type of chocolate you’ll want to stick with every time you make buckeyes.

Chocolate Bars Are the Best Choice for Making Buckeyes

One of the secrets to success when making buckeyes is starting with a type of chocolate that melts with ease, blankets each sweet ball of peanut butter, and hardens again into a snappy shell. And for that you’ll want to stick with a few good-quality bars of chocolate.

Since buckeyes don’t have a lot of ingredients, each one is really front and center. There’s no need to stock up on those splurgy $10 bars of chocolate, but it’s a good idea to go for quality chocolate with this confection.

Another option, although one that’s not likely to be as readily available at local grocery stores, is chocolate wafers. Like bars, chocolate wafers lack stabilizers, which means they melt incredibly well.

Why It’s Best to Skip the Chips

I know, a bag or two of chocolate chips seems like the easiest and least expensive option. But while they’re great for cookies and quick bread, they’re not the best choice for confections like buckeyes. Here’s why: Chocolate morsels contain stabilizers, which help them keep their perfect shape even after they’ve melted and cooled. But that’s not a quality we’re looking for when making buckeyes. Instead, the better chocolate choice is one that loses its shape and melts into rich puddles — like bars or chocolate wafers.