10 Turntables That Will Instantly Clear the Clutter in Your Pantry, Cabinets, and Fridge

published May 1, 2023
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I don’t know if this is a Midwestern thing, but growing up, houses with pantries always seemed … fancier. Now that I live in a small NYC apartment, the concept of having what’s essentially a walk-in closet for your dry foods sounds like even more of a luxury. But regardless of whether you’re working with shelves upon shelves of dedicated pantry space or a couple of measly cabinets, food storage is hard. A few good organizers can go a long way no matter the size of your kitchen, so all hope is not lost when it comes to maximizing storage space. Here at Kitchn, we’re huge fans of rotating organizers in particular because not only do they make their area look neater, but they give you easier access to whichever ingredient or condiment bottle you need. There’s much to be said for reaching inside the fridge and successfully grabbing the mustard without knocking anything down in the process!

Below, you’ll see some of our editors’ favorite kitchen turntables, as well as a few others you’re bound to enjoy. Who knows — they might just make your limited cabinet space feel like a full-blown pantry.

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Chances are, your foray into spinning organizers is a result of a hard-to-manage spice collection. That was the case for contributor Jen, though she eventually came to own eight kitchen turntables after realizing how useful they are. Among them was this one, which "contains two levels, perfect for stacking and storing all my herbs and spices in plain sight," she wrote. No matter what you're cooking, this little number will keep the ingredients handy at all times.

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This turntable is one we recommend for your bedroom, dorm, or favorite movie night spot. Why? Well, it was intentionally designed to house all your wrapped snacks. The streamlined organizer's top tier has a system of built-in dividers, too, in order to keep things like granola and candy bars upright. You can separate sweet from savory and simply spin the organizer in either direction to find whatever you're craving.

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The Container Store

For an even more secure fit, opt for this high-walled organizer, which is one of contributor AnnMarie's favorites. "The Home Edit’s turntable is cleverly designed to fit into most counter-depth refrigerators and can hold large items along with plenty of other awkwardly shaped condiments, like mustard and ketchup bottles," she wrote. "My favorite feature is the removable dividers, which unlike other turntables, allows me to configure the design to suit my needs."

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Technically, this turntable (and most others on this list) is designated for your cabinets, but there's nothing stopping you from placing one or two in the fridge. Items are even less uniform in there, so it would be smart to load this organizer up with milk cartons, snacks, and condiment bottles that you're otherwise prone to knocking over. "The first time I used it," wrote Best List Editor Britt, "I was able to fit in 30 packaged snacks and still had room left for other items I usually would have to play pantry Tetris with."

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In reality, any turntable organizer is good for small spaces, but if you're really short on cupboard and fridge space, then this pack of four flat rotators should be your go-to. Once they're stacked, you'll barely even notice they're there — aside from the fact that your shelves look so much tidier. And at $15 for a set of four, this turntable bundle is easily one of our more affordable recs.

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We're always on the lookout for celebrity kitchen collaborations, so when we heard that interior designer Nate Berkus had released his own two-tier cabinet spinner at Target, of course we had to cover it on our sister site. Berkus said he uses a few of these in his own kitchen to store things like coffee, milk, jam, and honey, so you can rest assured that they're effective. And it goes without saying that the turntable would sport an elegant dual-material design.

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The Container Store

For a more earthy, stylish option, we suggest this sleek bamboo spinner. Actually, it was recommended to us by none other than a professional organizer, so you know it'll get the job done. The turntable will look great regardless of whether you place it in the cupboard or on the dining table, plus it lies close to the surface, which is good if your cabinets don't have a ton of height.

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Another wooden pick, this raised-side turntable is pretty enough to place in any room of the house, whether you're storing oil and vinegar bottles in the pantry or cosmetics on your vanity. Wayfair shoppers say it's the perfect size, neither too large nor too small, not to mention very lightweight. And the organizer's high sides easily keep its contents contained.

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Not only does this Joseph Joseph organizer have two roomy tiers for all your spices and canned goods, but each tier also has two levels to help you grab different products of similar heights. You get tiers upon tiers! And because everything remains easily visible, you won't forget about a certain item and needlessly repurchase it. Really, investing in this piece is a great money-saver in the long run.

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We're ending on a bit of a splurge, but this stunning tile turntable is the serveware piece every host needs for entertaining. Situate it in the middle of the table, and keep everything from salt and pepper, napkins, olive oil, and more atop the organizer. Diners can simply rotate it to get what they need, no passing required. This multicolored spinner is sure to get you plenty of compliments on your setup, too.