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The $7 Tool That Makes Cleaning Cast Iron Actually Easy

updated Apr 30, 2024
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I came to cast iron reluctantly, as a sacrifice for the planet and my health on par with my decision to use mediocre laundry detergent and pasty sunscreen. I was too crunchy for nonstick, so I bought a heavy pan that I couldn’t wash, like the environmental martyr I aspired to be. 

Fast forward years later, and I’m basically obsessed with cast iron. Not only do I use that begrudgingly purchased pan every single day, but I also ogle lightweight vintage cast iron on Etsy and ask for cast iron ebelskiver pans for Christmas. What caused my change of heart? This $7 tool

Simply scrape away food with this magic piece of plastic, and you’ll wonder why you ever thought caring for cast iron was hard. 

There are other tools that work, but none that are so effortless to clean and put away. This brush will do the job, but it looks gross after just one use. Chain scrubbers also work, but then you have to clean chainmail, which just transfers the mess to another difficult-to-clean surface. The scraper takes mere seconds to wash clean. 

Tips for Cast Iron Scraping Success

Are you brand new to cast iron? Find the absolute beginner’s guide here. Meghan Splawn covers all the basics, including tips on seasoning and upkeep. 

At my house, the process is pretty simple. I cook, scrape, wipe clean, oil, and dry with heat. And honestly, when I’m tired I skip the oiling. 

The only drawback of this plastic scraper is finding the temperature sweet spot. If the pan is too hot when you scrape, the tool will melt (trust me). There’s a wide range of warm temps the scraper can endure, though, and if you’re feeling cautious it works fine on a cold pan with a little extra elbow grease. 

What are you waiting for? Buy the $7 tool, then make one of these. No sacrifice required.

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