The Best Things Kitchn Staffers Bought During Cyber Week (and Many Are Still on Sale!)

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Black Friday may be over, but reliving the thrill of online deals is not! And for the Kitchn team, it was a perfect time to purchase one of our favorite brands for a loved one or treat ourselves to a little something we’ve been coveting (hello, Staub!). Either way, there were some great deals out there, and we’ve rounded up the best items Kitchn staffers scored over the holiday weekend, from the cult-favorite Always Pan to Dyson vacuums and more. And you’re in luck, because some of them are still one sale! So check out our picks and relive the thrill of a deal with us.

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was $499.99

"I saved up and finally bought a Dyson stick vacuum this year, after coveting it for years. The hose on my current vacuum hadn't worked for a while, so I knew it was time for an upgrade. I'm so excited to take it for a spin all over my house (no annoying cord to contend with!). While some people might see only 40 minutes of run time as a negative, I personally think of it as a fun challenge. Plus, I never have more than 40 minutes of free time anyway. (New mom alert!)" - Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

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was $429.00

"I had been wanting a Staub cocotte for quite some time but couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on one. But after seeing that huge discount, I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier. The 4-quart turquoise model is absolutely gorgeous and sits proudly on display on my stovetop as we speak. Every time I look at it, I start thinking about all the things I can’t wait too cook. This little beauty will certainly keep me busy during this long winter." - Mark Marino, Director of Commerce

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Bold Xchange

"I bought the Golde SuperFood Latte Sampler from Bold xChange, supporting two black-owned businesses at once! I'm so excited to try the Matcha Turmeric, I've heard amazing things." - Lauren Masur, Lifestyle Editor, Groceries

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Made In

"I’d say the best deal was the Made In 10” blue carbon fry pan. My dad brought up the subject of wanting one on Thanksgiving and asked if I had heard of the brand. After a nice long chuckle, I logged on and bought it before he was even done explaining why he wanted it. It was a no-brainer gift!" - AnnMarie Mattila, Commerce Intern

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was $199.99

"I don't have a kitchen AND I can't go out for hotpot because of coronavirus, so my boyfriend and I are just going to have date hotpot nights with this probably every week!" - Emily Lew, Commerce Coordinator

6 / 14

"On Black Friday, I bought myself a Thermapen — it was 25% off! I've read countless articles about how this is the best instant-read thermometer for restaurant chefs and home cooks alike, and I'm excited to finally put it to use in my own kitchen." - Grace Elkus, Deputy Food Director

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was $599.99

"As soon as my two-year-old discovered our new Christmas tree, I knew we’d need a more powerful vacuum! Never in my life did I think I’d get excited over this kind of appliance, but I also didn’t think my toddler would be trying to fill her crib with pine needles, so here we are. This one’s great for getting in every nook and cranny, and I know there will be no needles left behind." - Caroline Schnapp, Social Media Manager

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Our Place
was $145.00

"I consider myself a fairly novice cook, but since 2020 has forced me to do way more meal prep at home, I've been upgrading a lot of my (admittedly inferior) kitchen tools. I spend most of my time at the stovetop (stir-fries and eggs are my go-tos), so the one piece of equipment I rely on is a good skillet. And this one goes above and beyond: The large, flat bottom and high sides make it so versatile (I can really load up the stir-fry veggies), the non-stick surface is foolproof, and it comes with a handy wooden spatula I grab constantly. And bonus: It looks truly stunning, so I just leave it sitting on my range. By my standards, it was an investment, but I've already used it every single day. PS: I bought 2 -- one for me and one as a gift. Mine's already arrived!" - Brenda Schmerl, Senior SEO Manager

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West Elm
was $100.00

"I've spent quarantine giving my apartment a facelift, and this was one of the final touches to complete my hallway. My space feels so bright and airy now, ready for second lockdown!" - Amelia Rampe, Studio Food Editor

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was $229.95

"I have to admit that I wasn’t sure I wanted an air fryer, but a family member passed one along so I decided to give it a try. After one batch of chicken wings, suddenly I wanted to air fry everything in this magical machine! The air fryer that I received was big and bulky, so I decided to switch to this toaster oven/air fryer combination. It’s just a little taller than my current toaster oven, so now I have a multiuse appliance and a kitchen countertop that isn’t cluttered." - Tracey Gertler, Kitchn Production Editor

11 / 14
was $239.99

"I’ve been wanting to get a robot vacuum for a while, even more reason now that I’ve been working from home and snacking more frequently. Came across this 2-in-1 and couldn’t be more excited!" - Nina Raja, Senior Producer

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Diaspora Co.

"I bought a couple of these spice boxes for family. I love all of Diaspora’s spices — especially the turmeric and cardamom (although that’s currently sold out). They really make a difference when I use them in the kitchen. also, it’s only $36!" - Ariel Knutson, Features Director

13 / 14
was $389.99

"I absolutely love Staub and feel so luxe when I cook with them. I had my eye on a large cocotte for a long time, and I finally snagged one. I can't wait to braise meats in it, make soup, and simply admire it sitting on my stove. I got the matte black one (stylish!) and dubbed it an early holiday gift to myself." - Jesse Szewczyk, Studio Food Editor

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was $1625.00

"I have been eying Floyd's Platform Bed for YEARS, and I finally took the leap of faith. Growing up in India, all beds have a solid wood base and I honestly just don't get slats. They're so ridiculously uncomfortable! I'm hoping this bed can be the game changer my irregular sleep pattern is desperately craving for." - Sholeen Damarwala, Commerce Editor