These 7 Tea Organizers Will Instantly Declutter Your Cabinets

published Dec 1, 2023
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Someone dipping tea bag into tea mug.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that kitchen cabinets are precious real estate. In all of my various dorms and apartments over the years, I’ve never had enough of them, and I’ve learned how to squeeze more storage out of them in any way I can. After adding under-the-sink organizers, rolling carts, wall hooks, and more to my collection, I think I’ve nearly perfected the art of making the most out of a small kitchen with limited cabinet space. Still, there are a few organizational solutions that have eluded me — like what exactly is the best method for storing tea bags.

I would only classify myself as a casual tea drinker, but I have enough bags around that they take up a decent amount of space on my shelf. But if you’re a tea enthusiast and like to rotate between types, it must be difficult trying to find a way to keep them all sorted. In my experience, the cardboard boxes that tea bags come in are way too bulky (and, not to mention, a total eyesore if you leave them out). Luckily, though, there’s an organizer for everything — including tea bags. Here are eight options that’ll declutter and free up your shelves, allowing you to see every kind of tea you have on hand at all times.

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Williams Sonoma

You’d never guess that this sleek, slim organizer can fit over 100 tea bags in it. The front and the back each hold six removable bins, and the caddy itself can stand on a cabinet shelf or on the counter easily, so your entire tea assortment is visible and within reach.

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Williams Sonoma

If you’re aiming for a more natural, traditional look, you should consider this hardwood tea box from Williams Sonoma. When you open the lid, it has 10 compartments to fit every kind of tea you could ever want — and because it’s covered, it’ll make your space look less cluttered.

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Editor-favorite organizing brand Umbra has done it again with their take on a tea organizer. With three spacious compartments that come with removable dividers, you can fit any sized packet in this one, ​including sweeteners, chocolates, or small bags of snacks. Plus, the white and bamboo color scheme will look great on the counter.

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The top-selling tea organizer on Amazon has eight sections, and it’s made of durable, transparent plastic that allows you to see how much and what kinds of tea you have stocked. You can snag a pack of three for not much more than the cost of one, and each container’s lid is stackable, saving you even more space.

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Another editor-loved brand is offering an even more small-space-friendly tea bag organizer. The slim (it’s only three inches wide) and stackable design will fit perfectly in any cabinet — and it can even be turned horizontal, should that better fit your needs.

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If you want to keep your tea bags out on display — which might be a better option if you find yourself reaching for some every day — check out this spinning carousel version. Up to 60 bags can be squeezed into this 4.8-starred organizer, saving you the hassle of rummaging through a box or drawers.

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Another solid option if you want to keep your tea bags visible and love the natural look, this is by far the most sizable option on our list with an impressive 180-bag capacity. Still, it’s no taller than a cereal box, so it’ll fit on most pantry shelves.