Chrissy Teigen Says This Store-Bought Pad Thai Tastes Just Like Her Mom’s

published May 7, 2021
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Name a cuter mom-and-daughter cooking duo than Chrissy Teigen and her mom, Pepper. (You’re probably struggling!) Well, Chrissy and Pepper fans, just in time for Mother’s Day I’m resurfacing this incredibly charming video that was featured on the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen website, in which Chrissy and Pepper conduct a taste test of packaged and frozen pad Thai.

Right off the bat it’s apparent that the store-bought competition has a lot to live up to because, “If there’s one thing I know, it’s that [my mom] makes THE best Pad Thai on the planet,” says Chrissy. (Pepper agrees.)

In order to be a Chrissy/Pepper-approved pad Thai, a lot of boxes must be checked off. The final product cannot be too sweet, too spicy, too acidic, too dull in color, too noodle-y, too peanut-y, too dry, or too “safe” tasting. These were the factors upon which the packaged pad Thai options that Chrissy and Pepper sourced at the grocery store were judged.

Credit: Amazon

Immediately, Chrissy declares that one brand in particular, which they purchased on Amazon, “is as close to Mom’s as you can get.” Chrissy gave this sample a nine out of 10 and so did Pepper. The brand is called Korat, which happens to be the name of the town that Pepper is from in Thailand. (So, uh, no wonder it got such high marks!)

Buy: Pad Thai Korat, Original Flavor, $26.96 for 4 packs

After a deep dive into the comments section, many Amazon reviewers agree with Chrissy and Pepper that this instant pad Thai deserves high marks.

“First off … thank you Chrissy Teigen! I can finally get my pad Thai fix at home! Struggled for years finding a decent instant pad Thai to make at home. This one is a keeper,” said one commenter.

“Chrissy was right … [this is] really good instant pad Thai,” said another.

“Purchased solely based on Chrissy Teigen’s review. Super tasty and easy to make,” said yet another.

All of this is to say that you should definitely keep a few packs of this on hand when you need pad Thai, and fast, but you should also make Pepper’s recipe (from scratch!) when you have the time. After all, Chrissy says it’s “the best on the planet.”

Get Pepper’s recipe: Pepper’s Korat-Style Pad Thai on Cravings by Chrissy Teigen