8 Mexican Candies You’ll Want to Buy This Halloween — And Beyond

published Oct 20, 2022
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baskets filled with Mexican candies

When I was a child, my trick-or-treat bags were filled with American candies and sweets that I grew to love, but they were typically reserved for that time of year. A pumpkin filled with mini candy bars reminded me of Halloween, but my favorite Mexican candies were my year-round favorites. Mexican candies bring me nostalgia and comfort in a way no other snacks can. I even had a candy buffet table filled with my favorite Mexican candies at my wedding that was held during Día de los Muertos.

With Halloween just around the corner, I figured this would be the best time to share my favorite Mexican candies and offer some different yet delicious suggestions to drop in anyone’s trick-or-treat bag.

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1. Dulces Vero Lollipops 

For as long as I can remember, these lollipops have been my absolute favorite candy. Shaped in the form of elote, this lollipop has a red strawberry base with a coating of tangy chile powder. Like many traditional Mexican candies, the lollipop has the classic combination of sweet and spicy. While there are mango and watermelon versions, the elote lollipop reminds me the most of my Mexican heritage.

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2. Cultura Mini Chocolate Bars

I can trust that Cultura, a Latina-owned chocolate making company, takes the time to carefully craft its chocolate bars with flavors of my motherland. My favorite is cafe de olla, which is a rich, spiced mixture of cacao, piloncillo, coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, and cocoa butter, reminiscent of the traditional drink of the same name.

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3. Las Sevillanas Obleas

Obleas are one of those sweets that I still have trouble finding, so when I’m able to get my hands on some I never share! The paper-thin wafers come in a variety of flavors and sizes. My favorites (that I could find in any tianguis, or open-air market, in Mexico) were two obleas sandwiched with cajeta, a thick caramel made with goat’s milk. The nuttiness of the cajeta combined with the light, flaky wafers make for the ultimate sweet treat and a pleasant deviation from the popular candy bars eaten during the Halloween season.

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4. Bubbaloo Gum

As a child, I could never come back home to California after a summer trip to Mexico without bringing a small bag of my favorite candy gum — Bubbaloo — with me. With unique flavors like banana, tutti frutti, and blueberry (the best one!), this gum has a gooey, fruity liquid center. Whenever I can get my hands on some, I enjoy them as much as I did when I was a kid, blowing bubbles and savoring the sweet syrup.

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5. Pelon Pelo Rico

I have always thought that Pelon Pelo Rico is the most fun candy to eat. The salty-sweet tamarind-flavored paste is pushed through the grate on the top of the bottle to create a kooky, Medusa-like hairstyle similar to what you see on the brand’s cartoon logo. I always loved pushing out as much of the paste as possible to give the candy bottle a long-haired look.

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6. Tamalitoz by Sugarox

One of my most recent and favorite Mexican candy finds are Tamalitoz, named for their mini tamale shape. I can always count on my local Mexican gift shop to have a variety of these candies, including Cucumber Extravaganza (my favorite flavor). This candy flavor reminds me of one of my favorite snacks when I was growing up: pepinos con chile y limón, or cucumbers with lime and chili powder. The fiesta variety pack, which contains all five flavors, is sure to be a big hit for any Halloween party.

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7. Rockaleta Lollipops

I love spicy lollipops so much that I needed to include two on this list! What makes Rockaleta special are the several layers within each pop. It starts with a spicy coating, followed by three layers of hard candy in different flavors (green is lime, yellow is pineapple, and orange is mango), and finally a sweet piece of bubblegum at the center. I’ve always enjoyed that this lollipop looks like a planet after a few licks.

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8. De la Rosa Mazapán

I had never been a fan of mazapán — a round, crumbly candy made with peanuts — but this chocolate-covered version changed my mind. It’s that good! I find that mazapán can be difficult to eat because of its crumbly, powdery nature, but the milk chocolate covered coating keeps the candy intact while adding a touch of sweetness. I often think of it as the Mexican peanut butter cup.

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Did your favorite make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!