The Very Best Stain Removers We Tried in 2020

updated Dec 8, 2020
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Oh, what a very bad, awful feeling it is when you spill something on the couch or, let’s be honest, your favorite pair of sweatpants. But we have good news! Whether it’s a deep red wine stain on carpet, turmeric on linen, or even Sharpie on upholstery, one of our favorite stain removers of 2020 (all of which cost only a few bucks) is bound to get it out.

Not all stain removers actually, um, remove stains. So we’re always testing new-to-us products to see what’s worth stocking at home. These are the best ones that seriously impressed us this year.

1. Amodex

Would you believe a stain remover exists that can remove (drumroll, please!) Sharpie marker markings? True story. This super-popular stain remover has won legions of fans for its miracle-level ability to remove the toughest stains of all: ink, up to and including Sharpie markers. It works on other inks and stains, too, and can be used on just about any surface, from leather to carpet. And it’s less than $8.

2. Puracy Natural Stain Remover

Somehow this eco-friendly stain remover can clean up nearly anything — including turmeric! According to our tester, the plant-based surface cleaner also works wonders on very old wine stains that had set in her carpet, brown makeup stains left on the collar of white silk shirt, tomato sauce spilled on light blue jeans, and even a blot of oil on her light grey sofa. “The colors have never faded and even delicate fabrics haven’t shown signs of fraying under the weight of the goopy liquid,” she says. “Plus, a little goes a long way — my six-month-old bottle hasn’t even reached the halfway mark just yet.” Bonus: She also likes the surface cleaner for cleaning countertop stains off marble.

3. Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap Bar

This century-old laundry bar brand may be the most popular stain-removing product on Amazon, with a 4.7-star average rating. Fans (so, so many fans) rave about its powers, which include removing greasy, oily stains from laundry, and even banishing the grossest of the gross baby stains (don’t make us say it). Tip: Amazon pricing is wacky right now, so get it from Walmart, where it’s less than a buck! We picked some up because of all the glowing reviews on Amazon and then instantly wanted to add our own five-star thoughts. Stay tuned for an official review from us here in 2021!

4. Carbona Stain Devils Complete Set

Carbona comes from a Germany company in the form of multiple bottles, each a different formula (with different instructions) for different stains. Our tester tried number 8 (for coffee, tea, wine, and juice) and number 5 (for fat and cooking oil) and was pleasantly surprised. “The approach makes so much sense. I wouldn’t use dish soap to clean my windows, so why would I use an all-purpose stain remover for every spill?” she asked.

Have you tried any new-to-you stain removers this year? Anything you loved? Discuss in the comments below!