8 Ingenious Spoon Rests That’ll Keep Your Counters Clean and Organized

published Aug 4, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

I don’t know about you, but when I’m cooking, my kitchen looks anything but tidy. My counters are covered in food and splatters, and my stove looks like it lost a battle with the bottle of olive oil. This state of chaos is exactly why I like to write about clever kitchen organizers, especially great counter organization products that can help tame the mess. As it turns out, spoon rests are one of the simplest ways to maintain order, as they provide a perfect spot to lay your saucy, dirty utensils. While we’ve already rounded up our top spice racks that will save you time searching for seasonings, as well as the best drawer organizers to make finding your spatula or garlic press easier, these utensil rests are going to be the new unsung heroes of your kitchen.

Here, I’ve rounded up some of the best spoon rests (in our expert opinions at Kitchn), many of which do much more than what their name suggests. Some of these picks can hold a pot lid, too, while others will add unexpected style to your space. Regardless of which is best for your kitchen, we’re positive that these amazing spoon rests will save you (and your counters) a lot of headache the next time you whip up a delicious tomato sauce.

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Instantly cleanup the two biggest culprits of creating a mess while you cook: your spoon and pot lid. Saucy spoons and dripping lids get liquid all over your counters, so this handy tool from OXO will give you a spot to store both while you're busy making a big pot of sauce. The stainless steel base has enough space for a couple of utensils and a wire rack that can accommodate any sized lid.

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Le Creuset
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For a splurge-worthy spoon rest that will become a part of your decoration, look no further than this stoneware Le Creuset find. It comes in a number of Le Creuset glazes that also make the surface easy to clean after using.

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Say goodbye to messy counters when you cook with this ingenious editor-favorite silicone utensil rest. It can accomodate up to four utensils, which is perfect if you have multiple pots and pans going and you're switching between a wooden spoon and metal spatula. Plus, the wide base ensures that no spills reach your clean counters.

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This spoon rest had a moment on TikTok thanks to its surprisingly useful dual purpose as an egg cracker. It has a slight lip in the middle that's designed to help you crack eggs in one go, rather than hitting it on your counter only to make a mess. Its sloped design will also ensure that any mess from your egg or utensils will stay contained in the spoon rest until you can rinse it off.

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This handmade ceramic spoon rest features a wide base to accommodate any of your cooking utensils. It boasts a cute speckled design and an artful swirl in the middle, and it's made from locally sourced stoneware.

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This ladle and lid holder from Yamazaki is similar to the OXO model in its purpose, but it's slightly more compact. Reviewers confirm that it can hold heavy lids — even a Le Creuset Dutch oven lid! — and double as a cookbook or iPad stand.

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This spoon rest comes complete with a suction cup base that you can stick to your granite counter or even the lid of your pot to save space as you cook. Reviewers attest to its powerful suction and its versatility for holding any of your cooking utensils, including spatulas, spoons, and ladles.

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A stylish, minimalist option, this concrete spoon rest will complement any modern kitchen. It comes in six neutral shades, including Terra Cotta, Slate Blue, and Charcoal.