Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with These Ridiculously Cheap-but-Sturdy Sponges

published Oct 3, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

Does anyone else change sponges almost as often as they change their underwear? I’m guessing it’s not just me. (Use one for too long and you end up with a festering cesspool of grossness!) I swap mine out once a week, at the bare minimum, before the old one starts to stink. If that sounds like overkill to you, I bet a microbiologist would say to do it even more frequently!

The thing about changing out your sponge on the reg, though, is that it becomes another item that you have to tack on to your shopping list. Of course, sponges aren’t super spendy, but having to get them every time you shop can add up. It’s not so bad, though, if you look at the bestselling sponge pack on Amazon. In fact, it’s the most highly rated sponge on the whole site.

To be exact, I’m talking about these fan-favorite Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, which cost $5.14 for a 6-pack.

Credit: Amazon

Buy: Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, $5.14 for a 6-pack

These sponges are double-sided, with a nonstick scouring pad on one side, and a regular sponge on the other. These sponges are the tops because the scouring pad is soft enough that it won’t scratch your pots and pans, but it’s also strong enough to chip away at the crud and grime of your most ambitious cooking project.

Here’s what the happy Amazon customers have to say.

“I cook a lot. My husband bought me stainless steel skillets about four years ago. I use the Scotch Brite Non Scratch Scrub Sponge at least three times a day, everyday cleaning those pots and skillets. I have never had a single scratch on any of them using the non-scratch sponge. Instead of going through a box of steel pads weekly, this sponge outlasts all of them and saves me money.”

“I haven’t had a dishwasher in years so I must wash my dishes by hand every day. I love having the convenience of these Scotch-Brite sponges as a Subscribe & Save option [on Amazon] because these sponges are usually a little overpriced in the store. “

“These are the only sponges I buy anymore. They have a good quality sponge on one side, then a rougher scrubby side on the other. However, the scrubby side is not so rough that I would ever worry about it scratching my dishes — because it won’t! I also like the general aesthetic of these sponges, it seems fitting that something that looks like waves of water would be in my sink (as opposed to those ugly green ones that look like mold).”

What sponges do you use?