The Best Spiralizers for Most Home Cooks, According to the Best Experts

published Jul 26, 2019
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If you haven’t heard, spiralized vegetables (produce that’s cut into long noodles and ribbons) are super trendy these days. It started with zucchini, when people adorably named them “zoodles” and began using them to replace carb-heavy pasta noodles. It’s since trickled down to carrots, beets, butternut squash, and so much more. And that means there are now many (many!) spiralizer gadgets out there. There are little handheld ones that work sort of like pencil sharpeners, countertop devices the size of small toasters, and even electronic options that look like a cross between a food processor and an immersion blender.

Which is best? We took a look to see what the other experts recommend and then, of course, offered our final two cents.

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The Best Spiralizer, According to Wirecutter

The editors at Wirecutter were impressed with this device. They loved that the stainless steel blades are sharp enough to easily cut firm and delicate vegetables, the fact that the set comes with the three most-needed blades (to make spaghetti, fettuccine, and ribbon cuts), and the resulting long noodles. Also noteworthy? The storage box for the blades, and the suction-cup base that keeps the device in place while you work. To increase the trendiness factor, you can even use this to make cauliflower rice!

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The Best Spiralizer, According to Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated testers noted that this device was one of the only ones they tried that could handle butternut squash. They liked that it was easy to use, inexpensive, sturdy, and wasted very little. It consistently made long noodles, with very little breakage. This test was done back in 2016, though, so there are some newer models that haven’t been included.

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The Best Handheld Spiralizer, According to Epicurious

If you want something that will fit in a drawer, lots of sites recommend this handheld gadget (or another version of it, also from OXO). Epicurious editors say it’s best for people who aren’t planning on spiralizing veggies all that often but want something for once-in-a-while use. Because it comes with three blades, it makes spaghetti, fettuccini, or ribbon-cut noodles. It can handle harder produce (like sweet potatoes), but you’ll have to have the power to do all the twisting, so it’s really best for softer things — most notably, zucchini.

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The Bestselling Spiralizer on Amazon

This spiralizer got the runner-up award from Wirecutter and is the bestselling option on Amazon. (Wirecutter said it worked great, but dinged it because it broke veggies into smaller pieces than the OXO model.) With more than 11,300 Amazon reviews, the tool has a 4.7-star rating and most reviewers can’t get over the quality for the price.

Kitchn’s Thoughts on the Best Spiralizers

First, you may have noticed that there are no electric spiralizers on this list. It doesn’t seem like many sites have tested them. We have and, for the most part, remain relatively unimpressed. They can be surprisingly hard to use and lead to mushy, gummed-up veggies instead of nice noodles. If you really want an electric one, though, we’ve had success with this one from Hamilton Beach.

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For countertop and handheld options, we’re team OXO. The countertop setup is legitimately impressive. It makes quick work of even the toughest veggies, the suction-cup base is STRONG, and the product designers thought of everything — down to safe, compact storage. If you’re looking to lightly dabble in the world of zoodles, go with the handheld. But we bet you’ll get hooked and will eventually want to upgrade to the bigger gadget that can handle additional types of produce.

Do you have a spiralizer? Which one?