12 Space-Saving Spice Racks Kitchn Editors Love

updated Oct 19, 2023
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There are a few corners of our kitchen that are especially susceptible to chaos — particularly if they don’t have strong organizational systems in place to begin with. One of the first that comes to mind? Bottles and bottles of spices. Any good kitchen is (hopefully) stacked to the gills with quality spices meant to level up weeknight dinners and special occasion meals alike. However, spice bottles can be so annoying to organize: For starters, they tend to be on the smaller side and all different shapes and sizes, making a quality organization system hard to come by. Add to that the visual chaos of tons of different labels (and spice colors) and you have all the makings of a cabinet you basically … never want to open.

Enter: these ten genius spice organization systems that The Kitchn editors love for solving exactly these types of problems. Over the years, our team has vetted the best of the best when it comes to all sorts of kitchen gear — spice rack organizers included. While these space-saving picks range in price and functionality, they’re all sure to calm at least one corner of kitchen chaos.

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The Dr.BeTree Magnetic Spice Rack is a personal fave of one of our editors, and for a good reason — it's a space-saving superhero. Stick it to your fridge's neglected side or rock the wall-mount look. The rack contains secure bottom rails and a roomy top shelf to house all kitchen essentials, from salt shakers to honey pots. It even contains a bonus paper towel roll, apron hooks, and more! Think beyond the kitchen — this rack's a storage superstar anywhere you put it.

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According to one editor, this Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Spice Organizer totally changed the game for her tiny NYC apartment. The modern spice rack requires no hassle and no assembly: You simply clip it under your cabinet to keep up to seven spice jars right at your fingertips. That means no more digging through a drawer of mess for salt and pepper! This sturdy spice organizer has your back and is easy to clean — a true kitchen workhorse.

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With two tiers and a compact design, this space-saving Amazon organizer will double your cabinet space and make it so easy to find the spice you need. While it does require a bit more installation than other options on this list, it can easily hold around 20 average-sized spice jars and is a great way to make the most of a slim cabinet that would otherwise go underutilized.

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The side of your fridge is an often-forgotten spot for sneaky storage — until now. These smart magnetic spice jars from Impresa attach to any metal via their lid, with a small but mighty hexagon design that allows them to stack together neatly in a pyramid-styled shape. A set of labels is also included to attach to the bottom of the jars for ease while you’re cooking and need to find the right seasoning ASAP. There are 60 labels included, making it easy to identify any seasoning you can think of, from garlic to garam masala.

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These wall-mounted spice racks totally transformed the way one editor organized her rental kitchen, immediately allowing her to take advantage of previously unused wall space. The durable set of two is perfectly sized to hold up to a whopping 18 spice jars each, with bars that are positioned low enough to easily see which spice you’re looking for, but high enough that the canisters won't come tumbling out. You can also store heavier items like olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, or other condiments on these shelves because they can carry up to 40 (!!) pounds.

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One editor relies on these renter-friendly floating shelves all over her apartment, including in the kitchen where they house an assortment of spices and cooking oils. The key to their success (and style!) lies in a set of super-sticky adhesive squares that slide into the back of the shelves, allowing them to adhere to nearly any surface for super-stylish floating shelves that look way more expensive than they actually are.

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This space-saving spice rack is a great option for renters or small-space dwellers who are short on cabinet space and can't dedicate a whole drawer to their spice collection. The SpiceStack comes with three dividers to separate the upper and lower rows of spices, making it possible to store at least eight four-ounce containers (square or round) on each shelf, keeping them countertop level for easy cooking and seasoning.

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These round frosted glass jars will keep light from prematurely aging your spices, which is just one of the many reasons why our editors love them. Use them to streamline a bunch of mismatched jars or create and house your own spice mixes, like the BBQ rub your friends just can't get enough of.

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Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma has the market cornered on stylish storage solutions and this spice stadium is no exception. The stacked stair-like design keeps all labels visible front and center, while the jars themselves have a roomy 3/4-cup capacity, allowing them to hold an ample amount of spices for less frequent refills.

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The Container Store

If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated spice drawer, you still want to make sure you have a system in place to keep things neat and tidy within. This YouCopia Spice Liner fits seamlessly into most standard drawers and keeps bottles in a neat stack, preventing them from tossing and turning every time the drawer is opened.

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This spice solution is equal parts form and function, with a standout aesthetic that makes it a showpiece on your countertop. Instead of mismatched jars floating around unfettered in your cabinet, Evermill takes everything countertop, with a streamlined collection of amber glass jars and gilded labels that keep things looking sleek and sophisticated. Choose from a selection of four colors for your metal rack, which you can display on your countertop or mount to your wall. The rack even boasts small, raised bumps along its shelves that nestle seamlessly into the base of the included jars, keeping everything secure and aligned.

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The Container Store

Leave it to the queen of organization — Marie Kondo — to come up with a sleek and stylish way to corral spices. This editor-loved drawer organizer relies on a classic tiered design to keep all your spices face up and in a row. The narrow design is slim enough for even the smallest drawers but still holds around 15 spice bottles with ease.