8 Small (and Stylish!) Food Storage Brands You Need To Know About

updated Jan 20, 2021
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Shopping small may not immediately come to mind when you’re looking for functional storage solutions. But a growing number of small, mission-based businesses are creating some incredibly innovative products for organizing every area of your kitchen, including storing your meals and beverages. So whether you’re trying to reduce your single-use plastic consumption or want to make an effort to support sustainable or women-led companies, shopping from these brands is the way to go! The fact that their thoughtfully designed pieces look pretty darn good while doing their job really well doesn’t hurt, either. Below, we rounded up just a few of our favorite small storage brands, but there are plenty that aren’t featured here, so let us know your favorites in the comments!

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Even if you have the best intentions of bringing a reusable cup with you, let’s face it, most of them take up precious space in a purse or backpack. Stojo solved this by designing a collapsible cup made from BPA-free silicone in four different sizes, all of which can handle hot and cold liquids. The screw-top lids have an airtight, leakproof mouth tab, and all components can be washed in the dishwasher. Stojo also makes reusable straws, and two other space-saving vessels: a collapsible 20-oz. water bottle, and a multipurpose 36-oz. storage bowl that's so popular it sold out within a week of launching!

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Bee's Wrap founder Sarah Kaek was looking for a more sustainable way to store her food than using plastic wrap, and turned to a traditional technique of infusing organic cotton with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The resulting line of flexible wraps can effectively seal bowls, jars, and be used to keep leftover bits of food fresh, whether you’ve got half a shallot or a hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano. Bee's Wrap also makes a vegan option which is formulated using plant-based ingredients, and both varieties are sold individually, in packs, and in rolls that can be cut as needed. The best part? The wraps are washable, reusable, compostable, and gorgeous.

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W&P founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum set out to help consumers rethink and reduce their eco-impact, and have created one of the happiest corners of the internet with their colorful, smart, and ever-expanding assortment of food and beverage storage solutions. If you need it to eat or drink, W&P probably makes it, whether it's a reusable wine tumbler, ice cube trays, ceramic lidded bowls, reusable utensils, or their line of newly released silicone storage bags.

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Goldune founder Azora Zoe Paknad doesn’t consider herself a climate expert but does have an affinity for shopping. By combining an interest in reducing her impact on the planet, and a love for all things beautiful, she’s created a “better, brighter, sustainable-er way to shop for people, for future, and for earth.” Goldune's site is packed with solutions for every area of the home, including the kitchen and dining table, like this glass storage jar and lovely set of cotton napkins. All of the items are fun and colorful, even if intended for everyday storage like this set of "pods", or for sipping like this squiggly straw. In addition to selling reusable, sustainable products, Goldune takes an inclusive approach to what they offer, and says that 70 percent of the brands they sell are helmed by women, and 29 percent are led or founded by BIPOC.

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Founded by a handful of designers and young parents, Kook is a relatively new kitchen brand that creates beautiful everyday essentials that are designed to last a lifetime. The products are all made using recyclable materials and include everything from bakeware to utensils to dinnerware to cookware. The brand even has a thoughtfully curated storage and organization section that includes things like bright soup cups with lids, farmhouse-style glass storage jars, tortilla warmers, and colorful mason jar lids.

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If you’re a regular Kitchn reader, you’re already familiar with Stasher, and we really have them to thank for popularizing one of the most innovative trends in food storage: resealable silicone bags. Stasher’s reusable, flexible bags come in a range of sizes and fun colors, and can go from the freezer, to fridge, to dishwasher, and even be used to sous vide – making them much more versatile and way better for the environment than plastic baggies. Stasher recently launched their biggest size, known as the Stand Up Mega, which is nearly a gallon in size, and perfect for storing items like melons, roasted chickens, and other bulky ingredients.

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Now in business for over ten years, S’well was started by Sarah Kauss in an effort to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles. Since then, the brand has grown into a full-fledged food and beverage storage mecca, where you can shop S’well’s signature water bottles, as well as tumblers, drink chillers, snack containers, and barware. The double-walled stainless steel construction of each item keeps items sealed, fresh, and hot or cold — depending on what you’re storing. You can pick from an array of colors and patterns, including seriously realistic wood and marble.

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Thrive Market

If Thrive Market is your go-to for stocking up on pantry staples or hard-to-find items to suit a specific eating approach, you may not have discovered their huge selection of home supplies, including storage solutions from brands like Stasher and even their own private label. Thrive Market's eponymous line is affordably-priced, and contains a range of meal prep and to-go solutions made from stainless steel, like this trio of nesting containers, and this insulated food jar. You can also find water bottles, and plastic wrap alternatives like these colorful Food Huggers, which stretch to fit over cut fruit or vegetables to keep them fresh.