The Best Small-Space Trash Cans for Every Spot In Your Home

published Jun 5, 2023
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Hand taking out the trash
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Ah, trash. It’s an inevitable part of life, especially if you’re someone who likes to throw down in the kitchen. However, if you live in a small space like many of us here at Kitchn, finding a trash can that works in your space without being cumbersome can be difficult. (I can’t tell you how many times I used to bump into my old oversized trash can in my small studio apartment.) Thankfully, many brands out there are listening to us small-space dwellers and have begun creating some pretty innovative ways to stash trash without taking up too much valuable real estate. Below, we rounded up 10 of the best small space trash cans that’ll work in any space, no matter how small.

Do you have a small space trash can you swear by? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite space-saving pick in the comments below!

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was $40.00

Perfect for kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, and beyond, we love this slim Sooyee pick. Its oval shape and myriad of color options make it a trash can that's easy on the eyes while compact size and touch button opening make it the definition of functional.

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Yamazaki Home

The cardinal rule of small-space living is to think vertically, making Yamazaki Home's wall-mount trash bin a can't-miss. Offering a storage shelf and interior trash can, it mounts seamlessly to the wall with just three small pins, causing less wear and tear than traditional drywall screws, making this a renter-friendly pick, too.

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A compact dual-compartment trash can that's actually compact? Coming in at just 20 liters, this Simple Human find helps you create the ultimate trash area without taking up all of your space.

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Home Depot

Like the idea of thinking vertically but don't have any wall space to mount a trash can? Go for a hanging trash can! attaching to the lip of a cabinet door, its stylish black and steel design makes it a pick that won't cramp your style, either.

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Pottery Barn

There's a reason some pieces are considered classics. When you think of a small-space trash can, one like this tiny Brabantia find is likely what pops into your mind. Available in 10 colors, this tiny pick is sure to become a small space superhero.

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Home Depot

Another style of trash can we love for small spaces is half-round cans, like this StyleWell can. Designed to sit flush against the wall, this pick doesn't jet out like a round can helping you save precious square footage.

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A personal favorite, this trash can completely changed the way I store my trash. With absolutely no floor space for a traditional trash can in my space, I knew I wanted a hanging one and this HUAPPNIO pick ticked all the boxes. Chic and complete with bag storage, it's also collapsible, allowing me to compress it when not in use. A dream!

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Yamazaki Home

Another take on the "think vertically" mindset is to go tall and slim, like this Yamazaki Home trash can. Its simple shape makes it easy to style while the tall design helps it hold a deceiving amount of trash in a small space.

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Alright, so this pick may only work in one specific room of the house, but it was too good to not show you. This slim trash can is specially made for your bathroom thanks to a secret compartment that sneakily hides a toilet brush, keeping your dirty cleaning tools and trash out of sight and out of mind.

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Durable and stylish, this butterfly step can from simplehuman is a pick well worth the investment. Made of stainless steel, it's designed to fit in tight spaces with low clearances for ease of placement.