The Best Multipurpose Small Ovens That Are Perfect for Tiny Kitchens

published Aug 28, 2023
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Even if you don’t consider yours to be a particularly small kitchen, it can still feel difficult to give up precious counter space in exchange for a new appliance. But we do it anyway — after all, what would day-to-day life be without toasters, blenders, and coffee makers? And keep in mind that most of these machines only carry out one function. If there’s one appliance that’s truly worthy of every square inch of counter space that it takes up, it’s the toaster oven, which serves a variety of purposes. You can generalize this product category under the name “small oven” because whether you’re talking about convection ovens, air fryers, pizza ovens, or something similar, one thing’s for certain: These quick-heating appliances are workhorses in the kitchen. Once you get one of these, your regular oven will be long forgotten, and you’ll be preparing nearly every meal inside your new small oven.

Another major benefit of the small oven is that it won’t make your kitchen feel like a boiler room, which is especially important for tiny spaces. Below, we compiled a list of 10 of our favorites, some of which are editor-tested, while others are beloved by shoppers across the internet. No matter which one you go with, you’ll find it to be somehow both roomy and compact and, most importantly, worth every penny.

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Williams Sonoma

Breville has a number of smart oven models, although we especially love this compact version for tiny kitchens. The oven has numerous cooking functions, such as toasting, defrosting, broiling, baking, reheating, and more. Its rack can also fit up to four slices of bread at once. But what makes this appliance so smart? Its internal-sensor technology adjusts the oven's power based on what you put inside, resulting in quicker cook times.

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Our Place

We’re used to covering Our Place launches, and we’re always excited to see what innovative piece of cookware they come out with next. But their Wonder Oven was a pleasant surprise, as it’s easily their most high-tech gadget to date. “Besides saving countertop and cabinet space, the Wonder Oven also saves time on meal prep,” writes Mark, our director of commerce. “It preheats in under 2.5 minutes and is capable of two-level cooking, with enough space to roast an entire chicken while also air-frying veggies at the same time.”

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was $166.99

This countertop essential does it all, whether you're looking to bake a 12-inch pizza, reheat leftovers, or air-fry food for an oil-free treat. Its versatility makes it a great addition to all kitchens, plus it comes with its own air-fry basket and rack for baking and broiling. And, if you live with picky eaters, you'll be happy to learn that this oven can cook multiple meals at once!

4 / 10

Because this mini toaster oven takes up almost no room, it's both a budget-friendly and a small-space-friendly find. Contributor Stella found that it toasted breads and bagels evenly, and she also likes that it comes with both a rack and a tray so she can use it to toast nuts and seeds before adding them to salads. “I find myself using this darling little appliance multiple times a day, from breakfast to dinner,” Stella writes. “I honestly can’t imagine how I ever lived without it.”

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If there's one brand we can count on for innovative cooking gadgets, it's Ninja — and they did it again with their pizza oven. The Ninja Woodfire is an eight-in-one wonder that elevates the idea of what an outdoor oven can do. With eight functions, this device uses electric heat to deliver foolproof results, and it goes without saying that it can cook far more than just pizza. “Even though my folks are big-time grillers, my mom absolutely loved the taste the pellet smoke imparted into the roast chicken that I made for them,” writes Senior Commerce Editor, Ian, of his own oven. “The same goes for pizzas, other kinds of roasts, and pretty much anything else you’re tossing into the Ninja.”

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was $129.00

Another editor-tested small oven, this Drew Barrymore-designed appliance features 11 preset functions, although it also allows you to customize the cook time and temperature when needed. “So far I have used my air fryer toaster oven to prep toast, bake a casserole, reheat leftovers, and even air-fry pre-packaged chicken nuggets,” writes former Commerce Editor Sholeen. “Everything turned out well with very minimal effort required on my end.” And of course, the oven looks positively beautiful.

7 / 10

Not only does this Hamilton Beach machine toast bread beautifully, but it’s also nearly as fast as pop-up models. It can also roast up a batch of garlicky potatoes or herbed chicken legs just as well as a regular oven. What’s more, you can’t ignore that roll-top door, which allows you to reach inside and remove the hot contents safely and stably.

8 / 10

You’ll quickly come to find that smart ovens make cooking a breeze — even for those who lack advanced culinary skills. This countertop oven from KitchenAid is particularly great for beginners, thanks to its clear digital display and nine preset cooking functions. Additionally, the oven comes with a 9x13-inch baking pan, and it has a nonstick interior for quick and easy cleanup.

9 / 10

You don’t need us to tell you that the Ooni Koda 16 is a stellar outdoor kitchen tool. The pizza oven first started making waves back in 2012 and has been a fan-favorite ever since. Now it's a reader-favorite, too! The oven can reach temperatures of up to 950°F and prepares fresh, stone-baked pizza in as little as 60 seconds. Best of all, thanks to its large 16-inch size, it's great for meat, bread, and so much more.

10 / 10
Sur La Table
was $949.00

We’re capping off our list with a splurgy oven: the aptly named Countertop Oven Elite by Wolf Gourmet. Contributor Stephanie has zero regrets about hers, although she does note that it’s one of the larger models you’ll come across. “After nearly five years of rigorous use, this appliance is still going strong,” she writes. “It’s not small. The oven takes up a sizable chunk of countertop real estate, a complaint I’ve noticed in some reviews, but I think of it this way: It’s handling the work of several smaller appliances and looking luxe and stylish (those knobs!) while doing it.”