10 Shelf Risers That Create Kitchen Storage Space Out of Thin Air

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Shelf risers from Open Spaces
Credit: Open Spaces

There’s something truly eye-opening about rearranging a shelf. Suddenly, things that looked like they could only sit in one particular order — an order that may have seemed dictated by your cabinets — are open to a world of possibilities. Maybe the bowls don’t have to go in that corner. And, what if the plates were vertical? These aren’t life-changing realizations, but they reinforce an important point: You are in control of your home, and if you’re not thrilled with, say, the way a cabinet is organized, you can improve it!

What Are Shelf Risers?

One of our favorite ways to break out of a kitchen organization rut is with shelf risers. They’re a simple (and often inexpensive) addition that can quickly make a significant difference by stacking your essentials and taking advantage of otherwise wasted space. Plus, they’re movable, allowing you to adapt your setup over time as your needs change. It’s always a good time to get your kitchen shelves in order!

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was $27.00

The designers at Yamazaki are experts in paring things down to their bare essentials and finding beauty through simplicity. Shelf risers don't get much more simple than this, and its wide base gives you plenty of room to stack even your biggest plates.

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If you want to futureproof your kitchen storage, this expandable organizer is the way to go. You can customize the top shelf height from 3.7 inches to 5.7 inches, which may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you want to make room for a new set of glasses, you'll certainly thank yourself.

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Open Spaces

Shelf risers may not have to be beautiful, but these are undeniably dreamy. The cream-colored steel legs feel more homey than bright white ones, and the light pine top adds a pleasantly natural material to the mix. Our writer Nikol found them aesthetically pleasing, she said "they're practically decor."

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was $30.99

We wish all shelf risers gave you color choices the way mDesign does. Choose your favorite finish — black, light gray, or silver — and give your dishes a cozier place to live on your shelves. The mostly solid top is also ideal for organizing mugs and glasses.

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Corners are notoriously difficult to make good use of, but this triangular design takes advantage of that space and turns it into your personal organization triumph. We also appreciate how the three levels let you sort different styles of plates while keeping them in tidy stacks.

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This 100-percent bamboo riser adds both style and storage to your kitchen cabinets. Its corner-shaped design and multi-level construction help you make better use of your space, and because the entire piece looks so nice, you can just as easily use it as a countertop organizer.

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Amazon always proves to be a smart place to find trendy styles at lower price points. The combination of metal and wood looks great inside cabinets or on open shelves, and this is a great choice if the Open Spaces model is sold out (or if you don't want to commit to their minimum order quantity of two).

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was $29.99

As much as we love using shelf risers for our dishes, they can be just as transformative in lower areas. This sturdy metal rack is cleverly designed to fit around your kitchen sink's plumbing, and because the entire frame extends from 15 inches wide to 25 inches wide, it creates shelving for your exact specifications. Our writer Dana found that it saved so much under-the-sink space, she had space to spare.

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Risers aren't just for kitchen cabinets; they can also be used in your refrigerator! This riser has slim legs that stay out of the way and a durable shelf to meet all your kitchen needs. It can go from being 6 inches tall to nearly 9 inches tall in seconds!

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Yamazaki Home

As much as you might love cluttered kitchen cabinets, this shelf will make them feel less cramped by taking advantage of vertical space! "I’m all about fast and easy renter-friendly solutions, and this sleek find checks all the boxes," says managing commerce editor Tamara Kraus in her review. "I love an instant solution that doesn’t result in a headache or too much elbow grease." We couldn't agree more.